Monday, March 30, 2015

My Week In Outfits


White and black polka dot Dolores Doll dress - Collectif
Turquoise cardigan - Marks and Spencers (old)

The earliest part of this week was pretty tough, so I threw on one of my fave dresses which gives me an instant boost. I used to think white was not a good colour for me - due to my colouring and my size. However now I think it looks pretty great with my complexion, and if it makes me look a bit bigger than the obligatory fat girl black then so be it. Who cares?!


Multi floral print prom skirt - Scarlett and Jo at Evans
Blue tank top and black wedges - Primark

I absolutely adore this skirt. And I particularly love this outfit because it is exactly the sort of thing that I wouldn't have worn a year and a half ago, and now I just love. Gives me a great shape, I adore the colours and the best thing that happened to me last week was a colleague telling me that I looked like a tulip in it. Read my full review of this beautiful skirt here.


 Black bardot neckline tunic with lace trim - Primark
Black leggings and black wedges - Primark
Turquoise cardi - Marks and Spencers

Primark have some great pieces in at the moment, including this tunic with a bardot neckline and frill, edged with black lace. This isn't the best picture so I will try and get another one soon so you can see the neckline better. But it ain't bad for a tenner, so go have a look in your local store. 


Pink tank top - Primark
Turquoise cardigan - Marks and Spencers

I bought a couple of Rosetta's from Lady V London when they were on sale a few months ago. I love the shape of this dress, and the colour is beautiful. Looking at the neckline I think you can tell that wearing it without a cami underneath is not so much of an option if I want conserve any sort of dignity. Pretty much all boobs and bra without the tank top. But with the cami I think it is a pretty cute look. 

Have a good week my lovelies x

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Liebster: My first blogger award

Eeeek! The absolutely lovely Amie of The Curvaceous Vegan nominated me for The Liebster Award. It's this lovely little idea to help new and upcoming bloggers network and get to know each other. The whole idea is to aid bloggers with smaller followings. So I get to answer some questions and name some of my newbie blogger faves, and you guys get to learn a little more about me...

The Rules:
  • Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions that they have asked you.
  • Nominate bloggers who have a following of <200 on Bloglovin’
  • Ask them 11 questions.
  • Notify the nominees.

These are Amie's questions for me:

What was the reason you started your blog?
I have been reading plus size fashion blogs for years and they have been the voices I turned to for advice, confidence, sanity, and bloody fabulous style. As I got more involved in this community and what they were saying I found myself writing long comments, posting links all over my social media and wanting to add my experience, style, opinion to the wondrous ladies who were already working it.

I have always been interested in fashion (my own version of it anyway) and I love to write. The only thing that had been stopping me was confidence. But I could feel that building. A combination of age and of immersing myself in this incredibly positive community.

I decided I wanted to be a part of this movement. This positive, loving, open minded group of women. I wanted to give back and help other women celebrate their bodies and find their confidence. So here I am :)

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
Roast dinner with all the trimmings and a side of mashed potatoes.

What is your dream career?
I work in a really busy communications job at the moment, which leaves little space for work/life balance, but I love it! There is still a lot to explore in my career and I am pretty content with my path and working hard to achieve what I want. One day I would love to be a writer, however. I have a couple of novels in me and I am dying to write them.
Another part of me would love to teach. Maybe English literature, History or Communications. What I do know is I would be bereft without a job. Working suits me and gives me a lot of purpose is struggle to find currently otherwise.

Name three bands/singers that would make up your favourite festival line up?
Fleetwood Mac
Florence and the Machine
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band

What makes you smile the most?
The people I love being silly and random acts of kindness

Who is your all time hero?
Every woman who has made a silent contribution forgotten by history.

What is  your greatest memory?
Dancing to good music with good friends outdoors. All of them include that in someway.

If the sky was the limit, what would be your next move?
I'd launch my own plus size clothing label.

Best piece of advice to offer a fellow blogger. 
Plan, be disciplined about posting regularly (whatever regular means to you) and if you need a break take one. If it's not fun it's not worth it.

What is your favourite hobby?
Is shopping a hobby? I'm not really a hobby person. I like being creative and crafty though. I like it when I have a chance to do something with my hands.

Do you prefer to plan something, or are you the spontaneous type of person?
It depends on the thing. The older I get the more planned things become. I like organising what needs to be organised so that I can then just relax, have fun, and not worry about anything. But I could do with more spontaneity.

My nominations:

Kitty rambles a lot: I like Kitty's varied style her kooky collection of wishlists. Plus she's a kick ass photographer which must be one of the best jobs ever!

Murder of Goths: Kat from Murder of Goths has just started blogging about Plus Size fashion as a way to build confidence in her body which is something I can really relate to. I loved her first post so I thought this would be a good  shout out!

Gaily Gumdrops: Gail from Gaily Gumdrops took a bit of a hiatus, but she is back and looking through her past Plus Size fashion posts I hope she keeps going!

Alison M McIntyre: Alison is ace at wearing seperates, and her looks are always pretty high end. Check her out for some great PS fashion inspo!

The Questions:

  • What is your favourite plus size brand and why?
  • Why did you start your blog?
  • Have you got any advice for plus size girls wanting to start a blog of their own?
  • What's your best confidence boosting tip?
  • What's your favourite hobby / way to blow of steam? 
  • Name a guilty pleasure.
  • What's your favourite food?
  • What is your dream job / career?
  • If your blog could be an ambassador for any brand which one would you choose?
  • Favourite TV show?
  • Favourite song lyric of all time?
I look forward to seeing your answers lovely ladies. And the rest of you... Go check these great gals out!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Black and White and Asos Curve

As you may have noticed my wardrobe is majority dresses. I don't own a lot of separates because I find them hard to wear. Dresses are simple and generally tend to fit my body better. It's not the tops I have the problem with but skirts and trousers I struggle to find. But over the last few months I have bought quite a few skirts that I am absolutely loving. I started going for midi skirts I can wear in my waist and I really am loving them. I don't know why it took me so long to realise that this was a good look for me (it generally is a great look on plus sized women) but now that I've cracked it I'm hooked - expect to see a lot more. My recent, fave skirt and top combo is this monochrome marvel from Asos Curve...

Black suede wedges with ankle strap (wide fit) - Primark

 The Bardot necklines that are popping up everywhere are an easy way to incorporate a little bit of vintage into your wardrobe every day. It's such a great neckline I just can't get enough of it. The Bardot offerings from Asos Curve are brilliant, but I started with this simple black top. I ordered it in my usual size 22, which fits comfortably on the arms and across the bust. The top is great for tucking into high waisted skirts, but it is not long enough for me to wear with jeans (I'm not comfortable tucking tops into jeans as I think it accentuates my tummy too much). 

You may have noticed that if it has spots on it I will wear it. The midi skirt is also and Asos Curve 22. Made from a heavy jersey fabric it hangs really well. The skirt is quite full (as you can see from the pictures) but isn't a complete circle and when worn in the waist it sits well over the knee on my 5'8" frame (shorter girls might find it a little on the long side). The waist band is nice and thick so it doesn't roll or dig in, and I don't feel the need to wear a belt with this outfit which keeps the silhouette streamlined. The spot print is quite 60s, and so matches perfectly with the Bardot top. Over all I am really loving this outfit and have worn it twice in the last two weeks. Head over to Lolly Likes Fatshion to see how Lolly styled the same skirt.

Do you rock separates, or are you wedded to your frocks like me? Do you shop at Asos Curve? If so, what do you think? Let me know below...

Monday, March 23, 2015

My Week In Outfits


Black and white horizontal stripes - Forever 21 plus
Black belt - Primark
Neon pink necklace - H&M

I can't get enough of monochrome - I have another outfit review coming up later this week featuring this trend. I particularly like black and white with a pop of neon. Neon has been in for a few years now, and I have in no way tired of it yet and am pleased to see it coming back for SS 15. 


Rose patterned Estella dress - Lady Vintage London

The original dress designed by George of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust for Lady Vintage, I absolutely adore it. Read my full review here


Pink lace dress - Asos Curve
Turquoise cardi - Marks and Spencers
Belt - Primark

This dress is so nice I bought it twice - once in the pink and a black one too. I love lace, and whenever I see a lace dress it is really hard for me not to just 'add to cart' - it's seems so decadent and luxurious. I am really in the market for a white lace dress for Summer - let me know if you see anything lush. 


I cannot shout this enough - if you are having a curvy girl crisis, need a dress that will immediately make you feel gorgeous and give you a major confidence boost, go out and get yourself a Dolores. Like right now. Just stop what you are doing and order one. It's a miracle dress I swear! 

Have a good week wonderful people x

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Birthday Lust List: It's (Nearly) My Party, and I'll Shop If I Want To

Growing up in a single parent family cash is often pretty tight. Now don't get me wrong - I never wanted for anything, had a brilliant education and all the love I could ask for. But there wasn't much money left over after all the bills had been paid.

My mum was so strict with herself - despite being totally glam my whole childhood (and still very much so today) she always had a pretty limited wardrobe. Back then she spent very little on clothes and seldom bought herself anything new. This was a combination of not having much disposable income and of mostly being faced with a limited plus size selection which didn't really speak to her style.

But a few times a year my mum would treat herself. She always had a new outfit for her birthday and for Christmas. It always felt like such a big deal, because it was something she allowed herself so rarely and she always hunted until she found the perfect something.

While I can be relied on to shop year round (!!!), birthday and Christmas dresses are a tradition I proudly follow. And so, with my birthday on the horizon I have started the trawl. My hunt has begun online and these are some of the current front runners...

You may have noticed that I have a little bit of a thing for polka dots. This dress is so classy, and I am really digging monochrome at the moment. I like the idea of this with some neon accessories perhaps...

Another classic, simple number. A lot of my clothes are quite statement-y which means there is only a handful of ways they can be worn, but I love the fact that this is just a really versatile dress. It can be worn in a multitude of way and that really appeals to me. I also love the cross over bust line and the length (it looks like it will fall a far bit above the knee, which sadly you don't get that often in plus size dresses). The belt isn't really my thing - a bit delicate and girly for me so I would probably swap for a chunkier one of my own.

I'm a tall, plus size lady - of course I love a good maxi dress! This is another dress in both colours) which is a nice simple base for a variety of looks. I am not sure it will be warm enough for April, and I worry it might be ruined by a cardi (maybe not) but whatever, at £14 each I will be having these in wardrobe no matter what! 

My last three choices are a selection from Lindy Bop. I have never bought anything from Lindy Bop which just seems ridiculous - this is a resonably priced, vintage brand that stocks plus sizes. Right up my alley!  Below are some of the ones I am crushing on at the moment that would make perfect birthday dresses...

Ophelia is one of the classic Lindy Bop styles. I've long lusted after this dress as it's a great fifties reproduction which feels really true to the era, and I really saucy style (hello boob shelf!). I've always been drawn to the more evening versions of this dress, but this gorgeous, bold floral print is perfect for Spring and Summer and it's just filled with all the colours I love. 

It's fifties, it's leopard print, and I'd wear it with a huge red rose in my hair. Gorgeous. Nuff said.

I freaking LOVE yellow. And sadly yellow dresses are not that easy to come by. The Audrey is another classic Lindy Bop style which I am really looking forward to trying. I would definitely pair this with a cardi, and probably some big statement earrings, and I'd change up the belt for sure as with the matching belt it feels a little twee, but some leather would make it feel a little more modern.  

Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you like to have a new birthday outfit? Which one is your favourite?

Monday, March 16, 2015

That 70s Dress - Pink Clove Dress with Bardot Frill

You may recognise this Pink Clove dress from my very first Lust List. It took me a little while to commit, because I was worried that the busy 70s boob frill might overwhelm me a bit, but then I saw it on two gorgeous bloggers - Lolly Likes wearing the dress and A Rose Like This wearing the top - and I was convinced. 

What first struck me about this dress was the colours. I love autumnal colours as they are just perfect on red heads (real and unreal ones!). I ordered it from Asos Curve in my usual size 22, and if fit perfectly but was slightly on the short side (I'm 5'8") so I felt the need to pair it with leggings as I would have felt a little too exposed in tights. For shorter girls this probably wouldn't be a problem.

The Bardot neckline is just one of my favourites, and such a great look for the forthcoming season. It's the perfect way to show a little flesh off while barely revealing anything - very sensual. In these pics the neckline seems to have crept right back on to my shoulders so next time I promise to make sure it's off the shoulder - nice to know it works either way though.

The frill, which is the thing I was most apprehensive about, has actually turned out to be my favourite feature. It creates these sweet, fluttery sleeves and takes this from just a cute dress to a real statement piece. 

This summer we are going to see the return of a lot of seventies fashion which I am thrilled about. I've always had quite the hippy heart and in my early twenties I was all about that hippy / gypsy aesthetic so I am always pleased when this sort of look comes round again. The vintage vibe of this dress means it's perfect for a festival in the summer - just add wellies!

As you can probably tell, I'm pretty enamored with this dress. Pink Curve really owned it with this one. More of the same please!

How are you feeling about the returning 70s trend? Got yourself any Bardot tops or dresses? Let me know in the comments. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Week in Outfits

This was a bit of a mental week. I had Friday and this coming Monday off work and so had to fit six days of work into four. When work gets stressful I get tempted to grab those few extra minutes of sleep and just throw on whatever is easiest in the morning, but I try to resist. I just feel so much more self assured when I am wearing something I feel great in and have my makeup on. It sets me up for the day and imbues me with this confidence - like I am in control. I used to think this meant I was a bit superficial or silly, but in reality everyone has different things that make them feel empowered and you need to do whatever works for you. 


I had a bit of a hair mare on Monday. I was meant to get up early and wash my mane before work but the duvet was just to tempting and so I stayed tucked up half an hour longer. I am not such a fan of my hair up - I feel like it makes my face look a lot rounder, and I really wasn't pleased about having my picture taken. But when I looked at the pics I thought it looked quite cute. Might rock a top knot more often. 


Rocha by John Rocha purple frilled dress - Designers at Debenhams
Mustard cardigan - Next

I love the femininity of John Rocha's designs and this outfit makes me feel a little like a prairie princess. Love the mustard and purple together, and the brown boots just finish it off. 


Black suede wedges - Primark

This is my new favourite outfit, and my rubbish mirror selfie does not do it justice! I am planning to take some pics this weekend, and get a post up soonish, so keep your eyes peeled. 


Turquoise cardigan - Marks and Spencer
Brown braided belt - super old
Turquoise necklace - bought on a beach in Thailand

Thursday was a heavy day for me. I'd had very little sleep the night before and was facing a torrid day at work. I love that I have a dress in my wardrobe like my beloved Delores that I can throw on and feel all powerful in. It was still a pretty draining day, but every little helps :)


Lyra dress in Teal - Lady Voluptuous

Apologies for this dreadful photo! Night time mirror selfies are no good, I know this now. But wow, every time I wear this dress I am amazed by its super fierce powers. Alas, it is currently sold out but I am sure Lady Voluptuous will be restocking soon. You can read my full review here

I also had to include this makeup selfie as it is rare that I take a decent one, where my makeup hasn't melted off my face. And I'm loving the hair flowers. Because I have giant hair, for my pinup flowers I tend to use a few little ones instead of big ones because they tend to just compete a bit with my hair. 

Have a good week my lovelies x

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Holy Houndstooth: Lovedrobe Houndstooth Dress

Lovedrobe is a brand I am just falling more and more in love with. Their styles are fresh, fun, flirty and easy to wear, and the last few pieces I have picked up from them are some of my favourites in my wardrobe right now. 

Brown boots - Evans

My latest acquisition is this houndstooth dress. Houndstooth is such a great print. I love how classic it can look, and also how edgy. I had been looking for a good houndstooth piece for this season when I stumbled across this cutie from Lovedrobe. I ordered this from Dorothy Perkins, but Lovedrobe is available in a variety of stores and online from their website.

The dress is fully lined, with the outer layer made of a heavy chiffon like fabric. This is a very easy to wear fabric, which shows absolutely no lumps and bumps. It's pleasant to be able to completely forgo shapewear as I feel like this dress skims over all my least favourite bits, and highlights the things I love. The full skirted style makes what would otherwise be quite a conservative dress a little flirty which I love. The dress is sleeveless and when I first bought I thought for the Winter I would pair it with my usual cardigans. However, the dress has such a gorgeous shape I didn't want to cover it up at all, so instead I have worn a long sleeved tee underneath, which has kept the the shape streamlined. 

While the dress is simple, the open plackett neckline adds a bit of interest. Although this is an empire line, it actually gives the illusion of being more nipped in at the waist, and the added tie back means I feel really nicely nipped in. Excuse me if I sound over effusive, but I just love my shape in this dress! I particularly love it when I have a dress which gives me a good shape and is just so easy to wear. 

I ordered this dress in my usual 22 and it fits like a glove. Like it was made for me! After much deliberation I am happy with the length, as it sits mid thigh on me (I'm 5'8-9), so if you're on the taller side and not comfortable with showing a bit of leg, be warned. 

When I wore this dress to work last week I was a little worried that it was too short. I got out of the house and suddenly my legs felt a little exposed. I think I have good legs. In fact they are one of my favourite body parts, but walking down the road I felt like I had a lot on show. However, when I looked back over these pictures I don't think it's too short at all. In fact I think it's a great length. I probably don't want to bend over in it but I actually like the length. 

Good news is lovely Lovedrobe have made this dress in a few different prints. They've done an adorable ditsy heart print version, and the marvelous Betty Pamper from Pamper and Curves has done a review of the totally lush jewel heart print version.

Have you got any Lovedrobe loving going on in your wardrobe? Fancy any of these lovely dresses? Let me know in the comments.  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Week in Outfits

The beginning of the week was a bit of a false start. I was feeling like absolute rubbish so my outfit of the day posts would have consisted of PJs and hoodies. But by Wednesday I was feeling a bit better and putting on some make up and pretty dress always helps me cheer up a little too


Brown boots - Evans

I was a little anxious about this outfit. I wasn't sure about wearing tights with this dress to work, as it felt kinda short to me. I do actually like my legs - they are shapely and strong, they carry me where I want to go, and in my opinion they look damn fine in a skirt - but on the way to the bus stop on Wednesday morning I had a bit of a crisis of confidence. Suddenly the skirt seemed very short! But I rode it out and when I saw the pictures I was pleased with them. My legs are not skinny, slender, thin, but they are strong and shapely and the do look good in a skirt!


Turquoise cardigan - M&S (old)

Last time I wore this dress I paired it with my mustard cardi, but this time I went for the turquoise and I am loving the combination. I still think this dress is a tad too long on me so I might take it up a little. I think the length is slightly unflattering and makes me look a little dumpy - thoughts?


Navy Phyllis Doll dress - Collectif


Mustard cardigan - Next

(Apologies for the crappy picture. Damn my phone at night) I think it has become pretty clear that I love my Dolores dress. Had an early Women's Day celebration with my girls. We went to see the absolutely wonderful, and hysterically funny Caitlyn Moran (monstrous girl crush alert!) with Bridget Christie and Shazia Mirza. I am not going to evangalise, but it was amazing. And I felt great in this outfit. I think it's really important to remember that you don't have to be anti-feminine to be feminist. 


This dress is too fabulous. Full review coming this week...

Have a good week sweeties x 

Monday, March 2, 2015

My shoot with Velvet D'amour of VOLUP2

Part of my journey to accepting my body and being happy in my skin has been recognising the beauty of bodies that looked more like mine than any I had ever seen in the media before. VOLUP2 has been a bible for me in this regard. VOLUP2 is a publication that celebrates body positivity and the beauty that can be found in all bodies. The marvelous and inspirational Velvet D'amour is the creator of VOLUP2 magazineand when I found out about an opportunity to shoot with Velvet here in London, I jumped at it!

I arrived not sure what to expect. I was pretty nervous, and a little all over the place. For the simple fact that I was doing something I'd never done before (but long had wanted to). I was unsure of myself, and had this creeping dread that it might all end in tears. What if, despite all I believed about bigger bodies being beautiful too and celebrating yourself as you are now, I just wasn't worthy. What if what I saw through your lens was the same collection of faults I usually see whenever a camera is pointed at my entire body and I don't have control of the final image?

The flat was pleasantly chaotic, with Velvet on the floor already shooting a beauty in a clinging dress. The wonderful Rachel of Rachel Williamson Hair and Makeup greeted me with a gorgeously warm smile and put me right at ease from the beginning. It felt just like a girly party really, all of us chatting, doing makeup, and clothes everywhere. I spent an hour being transformed into a vintage vixen by Rachel - she was just so incredibly competent creating look after look for everyone with no fuss. I had my fifties cat eye and pin up lips in record time, and she also managed to wrangle my incredibly unruly hair with absolutely no drama or difficulty - something I have never seen done before.

Shooting with Velvet was amazing. She has an incredible gift to put you at ease and really get the best out of whoever she is shooting. All thoughts of nerves were gone as she competently directed me (which is exactly what I needed, being 100% a newbie). What I love about Velvet is she really understands bigger bodies. What they look good doing, how to showcase their beauty. This is a woman who now dedicates her professional life to celebrating a myriad of shapes and sizes. And viewed through her lens I felt truly beautiful. Every now and again she would quickly flick through what she had taken, and wow! So I was pretty prepared to be blown away, but when I got my images last week, well, see for yourself...

White and black polka dot Dolores Doll dress - Collectif
Black braided belt - Primark
Black suede shoes, wide fit - Primark

I started the shoot in a few of my favourite Dolores Doll dresses. This is my go-to feelgood dress, so it was a good place to start, and meant that I was imbued with some confidence I didn't necessarily feel. I am wearing a cheapie petticoat underneath it that I got on eBay - I would like to invest in some better quality ones, but I must say the eBay jobs certainly do the trick. I was feeling quite wooden, so was super thankful for Velvet's direction. 

Red Dolores Doll dress - Collectif
Black suede shoes, wide fit - Primark

I was glad to have warmed up in a familiar outfit, as the next outfit took a little more guts. The tutu is something I had made by a seller on Etsy years ago for a fancy dress party. I have worn it on a couple of occasions since and couldn't wait to be photographed in it by Velvet. 

The corset is from an eBay seller - again this is something I would like to invest a little more in in the future but was totally effective for this look. I love the definition it gives my waist, and Velvet was very conscious of ensuring my poses accentuated this.

Biba black feathered cape - House of Fraser

I kept on the corset for the next look, but added my Biba feathered cape. Last year I walked past the cape in House of Fraser and it just nagged at me for days after so I eventually treated myself to it around Christmas. It's probably not the most practical thing I own, but it certainly is one of my favourites and I just love the way it looks with my hair in this photo. I wasn't sure what I was going to wear on the bottom, but Velvet dug out some amazing tulle shoulder pads she had used for something else and fashioned them into a tutu of sorts. They even had feathers on them - amazing! 

Red lace sweetheart dress - Lovedrobe

My final outfit was this absolutely lush red lace dress by Lovedrobe (you can read my review of this dress here.) Anyone who says red heads shouldn't wear red - pssssssh! Red is such a powerful colour, and this is one of my favourite images from the entire shoot. I just love the way my body looks in this image, which is a really big deal for me. I don't like it because I think it looks skinnier than it really is, or because it looks more like bodies I have seen in the media. I love it because it looks beautiful. Because fat bodies can be beautiful and should be regarded as such. They are a type - not something good or bad, just a type of body. 

Now that I know a little more about what these shoots are like I would be a little more organised next time. Have my outfits and all the details nailed down before I got there so I could change a lot quicker - I had no idea how quickly Velvet could shoot. She literally motors through and manages to capture something amazing in minutes.

I can truthfully say I have never looked or felt as beautiful as I did during the shoot, and looking at these images afterwards. As I said in a letter I wrote to Velvet afterwards, "It sounds a little crazy but it's kind of how I always hoped I looked, if that makes sense. In hindsight I wish I'd let go further, thought less, been more in the moment... next time, next time!"

Velvet now offers to shoot women of all shapes and sizes for a nominal fee, and then you can choose to purchase the images you like afterwards. She may soon be coming to a city near you (check out her Facebook page for more details). I could not recommend the experience highly enough. 

The black and white edition of Volup2 will be out soon, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My week in outfits


Old oriental print dress - Monsoon
Brown leather boots - Evans

I adore this dress. It's a faux wrap dress, which is a great style on plus size bodies. It's also a great dress year round. This is about 18 months old, but I am hoping to see Monsoon do more like this this season. Gorgeous!


Floral patterned skater dress - Dorothy Perkins
Black leather belt with oversized bow detail - Asos Curve

I love this dress, and every time I wear it I love it a little more. This time I added my new belt from Asos Curve, which is an absolute steal at £12. It's going to be a really versatile accessory, in fact I wish they did it in tan or brown too. 


Lyra dress in Teal - Lady Voluptuous

You can read my full, raving review here, but if you want this dress hurry up - there are only 4 left in a size 20! 


Striped dress - Asos Curve
Jo sailor cardi - Collectif

I was running a little late on Thursday morning, and staying at my mum's I didn't have a full wardrobe at my disposal, so I just threw these two together and ran out the door. I wasn't sure if they looked okay together, but I got rave reviews over on instagram, so apparently it works! I also got loads of enquiries about this dress - sadly I bought it over a year ago from Asos Curve, however Simply Be do currently have a similar one here.

Have a beautiful week my lovelies...