Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My Winter Skincare Faves

I don't know about you, bu my skin is a completely different beast in winter to what it is in summer! I grew up in a country where the climate varied very little year round, so when I moved to the UK ten years ago I was shocked by the differences in my skin depending on the season. This year my skin went a bit haywire as we entered into Autumn, and so I reached out to people online to see what they used to take care of their winter skin, and I also went back to some of my favourites, and I have come up with a selection of products that have kept my skin pretty happy all winter long! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Getting Meshy: Lovedrobe Embroidered Mesh Dress

After all the glitz ang colour of the festive season I often find myself returning to black in January. I've always loved some black in my wardrobe, and I find it easy to wear with my colouring. Plus it's the month of lazing and lounging (well for me it is anyway) so comfort in dressing is a must. I recently chose this Black Embroidered Mesh dress from Lovedrobe because I love the dobby mesh overlay combined with the embroidery, and because it's super comfy over a pair of leggings with some ankle boots, but it still looks like you made an effort - my favourite kind of dressing!