Friday, January 27, 2017

She's a Tease: Curvy Kate's Tease Balcony Bra in Black and Purple

Okay, I'm gonna say it. Curvy Kate's Tease bra is my favourite! It's pretty and sexy, gives my rack a wonderful shape, and is comfortable enough for day wear, but saucy enough for the bedroom. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Dealing with the Wobbles: Feat. Collectif's Blossom Printed Dolores Doll Dress

This was a hard post to write. When you write a blog that is largely about being body positive, and loving you body, it's hard to admit that you have experienced a bit of a body positivity wobble lately. How can I hope to be a light to others, when I am struggle to keep my own little flame going? But I want to talk about it. Because I think sometimes we can really beat ourselves up when we think we're the only ones struggling. Body positivity is not like a qualification - when you've found a body positive mind set, you don't get a certificate or a couple of letters after your name, and that's it. It's something you have to work on, and work for.  

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Light My Fire: Ignite Halfy Cup Bra by Scantilly

Since their launch in late 2015, I have been obsessed with Scantilly. The gorgeous, flirty designs are a dream come true for busty girls everywhere, and a product that the plus size market just didn't have before. The team at Scantilly are radiantly body positive, something that shows in their campaigns and their social media - if you're not following them already you really should be - and so it's not just their product that I love, but their ethos as well. Recently the team sent me this gorgeous Ignite half cup bra to review, and it's just as saucy and sultry as I could have hoped.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Kiss My Deadly: Hell Bunny at Yours Clothing

Urg, January! How hard it is to hold on to any semblance of body positivity in the cacophony of new year new you bullshit. Television is choked with dieting adverts, social media feeds are full of self deprecating memes about being a fat fucker, and everywhere people are being smug about sticking to their resolutions, or self flagellating for not managing to do so. It takes a lot to hold on to any sense of normality in this tsunami of bullshit. Not because making change is in any way a bad thing, but because of the nonsense moral value that is ascribed to making certain changes. As though anyone not doggedly chasing societal depictions of the perfect body, skin, hair, diet is some sort of deviant, delinquent aberration. The horrifying "Before" shot, to be avoided at all costs.  Urg! Enough!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Making It Your Own: Elvi PU Skirt and Velvet Trench

This season a big trend has been textured pieces - exciting, tactile fabrics of various types have been a big hit. But sometimes I can be hard to know how to wear such statement pieces. How to blend them with your existing wardrobe and make them your own. I've taken this PU skirt from Elvi, a rather modern piece, and made it something wearable for me.

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