Monday, February 19, 2018

Glitter Eyes: A Makeup Tutorial with Boots and Nyx Professional Makeup

As a little break from my usual plus size fashion fare, this week I am going all beauty blogger, and have my very first makeup tutorial, featuring Boots and Nyx Glitter, and a wearable glitter eye look. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Third Time Even Luckier: Shooting with Velvet

It's Valentine's Day. And while couples across the world cram themselves into chain restuarants, pay over the odds for roses, and buy each other heart shaped shit (no, you're single and bitter!) this single gal is celebrating, in the words of the late great Ms Houston, the Greatest Love of All. And the glorious pictures from my latest shoot with Velvet of plus size mag, Volup2.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Plus+: Win with Navabi and Bethany Rutter

If you've been following plus size influencers for a little while you will probably have heard of Bethany Rutter. She's been an outspoken voice in the plus size community for many years, and has written for a number of publications, as well as having her own style blog. The last 12 months have been impressively productive, even by Bethany's standards. Last year she collaborated with Navabi to create her very own Arched Eyebrow collection. And this month see the launch of Plus+, a book of  street style photos of fashion forward plus women looking fabulous, currated and edited by Bethany. And if you have a flick through it you might even see a familiar face (in case that wasn't obvious, it's mine!).

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Real Talk: Looking After Your Mental Health This Christmas

I absolutely love this time of year. I love all the twinkly lights. The smell of mulled wine in pubs. The sight of suited and booted city workers, tipsy and wearing festive headgear at 6 in the evening. I am full of all the Christmassy spirit (and all the glitter) and I really pack in all the yule time fun at this time of year. But damn, can that take a toll! Sometimes, despite my love for the holly and the ivy, I find this time of year gives my mental health a real bashing. (And I can only imagine it would be even worse if I really hated all things jolly). This time last year I was still really battling with my mental health - in the build up to Christmas I really struggled with my anxiety, and afterwards I really spiralled into a serious depression. So this year I am trying to do things a little differently, and I thought I'd share my tips for having a mentally healthy Christmas...
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