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Birthday Lust List: It's (Nearly) My Party, and I'll Shop If I Want To

Growing up in a single parent family cash is often pretty tight. Now don't get me wrong - I never wanted for anything, had a brilliant education and all the love I could ask for. But there wasn't much money left over after all the bills had been paid.

My mum was so strict with herself - despite being totally glam my whole childhood (and still very much so today) she always had a pretty limited wardrobe. Back then she spent very little on clothes and seldom bought herself anything new. This was a combination of not having much disposable income and of mostly being faced with a limited plus size selection which didn't really speak to her style.

But a few times a year my mum would treat herself. She always had a new outfit for her birthday and for Christmas. It always felt like such a big deal, because it was something she allowed herself so rarely and she always hunted until she found the perfect something.

While I can be relied on to shop year round (!!!), birthday and Christmas dresses are a tradition I proudly follow. And so, with my birthday on the horizon I have started the trawl. My hunt has begun online and these are some of the current front runners...

You may have noticed that I have a little bit of a thing for polka dots. This dress is so classy, and I am really digging monochrome at the moment. I like the idea of this with some neon accessories perhaps...

Another classic, simple number. A lot of my clothes are quite statement-y which means there is only a handful of ways they can be worn, but I love the fact that this is just a really versatile dress. It can be worn in a multitude of way and that really appeals to me. I also love the cross over bust line and the length (it looks like it will fall a far bit above the knee, which sadly you don't get that often in plus size dresses). The belt isn't really my thing - a bit delicate and girly for me so I would probably swap for a chunkier one of my own.

I'm a tall, plus size lady - of course I love a good maxi dress! This is another dress in both colours) which is a nice simple base for a variety of looks. I am not sure it will be warm enough for April, and I worry it might be ruined by a cardi (maybe not) but whatever, at £14 each I will be having these in wardrobe no matter what! 

My last three choices are a selection from Lindy Bop. I have never bought anything from Lindy Bop which just seems ridiculous - this is a resonably priced, vintage brand that stocks plus sizes. Right up my alley!  Below are some of the ones I am crushing on at the moment that would make perfect birthday dresses...

Ophelia is one of the classic Lindy Bop styles. I've long lusted after this dress as it's a great fifties reproduction which feels really true to the era, and I really saucy style (hello boob shelf!). I've always been drawn to the more evening versions of this dress, but this gorgeous, bold floral print is perfect for Spring and Summer and it's just filled with all the colours I love. 

It's fifties, it's leopard print, and I'd wear it with a huge red rose in my hair. Gorgeous. Nuff said.

I freaking LOVE yellow. And sadly yellow dresses are not that easy to come by. The Audrey is another classic Lindy Bop style which I am really looking forward to trying. I would definitely pair this with a cardi, and probably some big statement earrings, and I'd change up the belt for sure as with the matching belt it feels a little twee, but some leather would make it feel a little more modern.  

Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you like to have a new birthday outfit? Which one is your favourite?

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