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Wardrobe Game Changers: Asos Curve Heart Print Prom Dress

I've always loved fashion and clothes. And over the years I have changed my style quite a bit. I am working on a more detailed post about this, but I think the crux of it is as you grow your tastes and the way you want to present yourself changes.

A few years ago I got myself into a real style rut. I'd put on some weight and didn't update my wardrobe to reflect my new size and shape. I guess I was just hoping to drop those couple of dress sizes and get back into my old stuff. And so instead of investing in some new stuff I felt good in, I relied heavily on jeans and tops, tending to wear the same few things over and over just changing my accessories to add some personality. I felt generally quite despondent about the way I looked day to day.

I went looking for some style inspiration but let's be honest - as a fat girl this is not something you find in the fashion mags or on celebs. And so I headed back to plus size fashion blogs where I'd found inspiration before. And all these gorgeous girls were wearing - and rocking - these fifties style waisted dresses. I'd seen them in the shops and just figured they weren't for me. 

Looking back it seems silly, but I was really not convinced that wearing something that emphasised my shape rather than skimmed over it (or obscured it completely)was a good idea. But seeing all these fabulous women looking so damn hot I decided to give it a go. And I order my first fifties style prom dress.

Heart print prom dress - Asos Curve (no longer in stock)
Red Freddie cardigan - Collectif
Brown leather heels - M&S

And here she is. The game changer. From Asos Curve, and bought on sale, this dress changed my wardrobe and my personal style. I was at my mum's the first time I tried this puppy on, and wow! Seriously! Wow! It was like total transformation time. I felt like a princess and a siren rolled into one. That waist I thought had dissapeared back at a size 16 was suddenly there. The poofiness and the twirliness had me spinning in front of the mirror for about an hour.  And that's been me since.

I feel so confident and comfortable in my personal style. That's not to say that it won't change again - undoubtedly it will and that's good. But for now give me tulle and twirling skirts and sweetheart necklines.

I put my game changer dress on a couple of a weeks ago and I still feel just as fab in it. I guess the point of this post is just to remind you that you should take risks with fashion. You should wear the things you like, ignore the rules and decide what you look good in and what makes you feel fabulous.

Have you got a game changer in your wardrobe? When was the last time you tried something different?


  1. Oh I love this dress, I love how the print is smaller at the waist area which pulls my attention to it. xx

  2. Beautiful dress. Beautiful you. Love a heart print and this one is particularly pretty. Great outfit.

    1. Thank you honey, that's so sweet :)
      Love me some ditsy heart print!

  3. I love this dress on you! The print is perfect and I adore how it graduates in size, so that the darkest area is across the middle. It really emphasises your gorgeous shape <3

    1. Thanks honey, the first time I tried this on really is the first time I actually saw and celebrated my shape!


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