Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Festival Vibes: River Island Plus Lace Bardot Dress

A few months ago the online plus size community was abuzz with the news that fast fashion high street giant River Island was finally introducing a plus size line. The growing power of plus size fashionistas is being noticed by the trendiest of the high street retailers, and our choices are growing. Plus size women are now offered a wider variety of fashion options and looks - a far cry from the tunics and cartoon printed hanky hem tees of ten years ago!  

It fills me with actual, palpable joy to see this change. As a teenager I squashed myself into anything trendy that vaguely fitted in order to be one of the cool kids. I didn't get to have a look. I was restricted by what the powers that be thought was acceptable in my size. Most of the time I was spending my pocket money on accessories because there just wasn't much fast fashion available in my size. How awesome that today's plus size teens will be finding shopping a little easier. I know we're not the whole way there, but we're sure as hell moving in the right direction.

River Island's first plus collection is available in sizes 18 - 24 - a decent start, but I do hope to see them add bigger sixes soon. The first piece the team sent me was this lovely lace, off the shoulder dress. With festival season upon us I thought I'd show you how I'd style this for a music festival (one of my very favourite activities). My go to style icon for festival vibes is Penny Lane from Almost Famous (one of my very favourite films ever - if you have't seen it, go and watch it now!) so I like to bring a bit of 70s into my look. And this dress is a 70s dream! 

Floral Hair Garland - Primark

I'm a big fan of a short dress, and sometimes they can be really hard to find in plus size, so I love that the White Lace Bardot Dress has a short under layer with a lace overlay that sits on the knee (I'm 5'8). The underlayer is a little see through, so nude undergarments are a must! The Bardot neckline has thick elastic which holds it in position without being uncomfortable or digging in. The long frill also creates a floaty sleeve - perfect arm coverage. This dress is seriously comfortable to wear, and the lace is a good weight, with a cute floral pattern. Who knew my nana's lace curtains could look so goddamned cute?!

I had some comfort shorts under the dress, to avoid the chub rub and for modesty because you usually spend a lot of time sitting cross legged on the floor at festivals. The dress is light and cool and really easy to wear - always very important for a festival. I don't want to spend the day fiddling with an annoying outfit, when I should be bopping about to awesome bands!

To give this pretty, girly piece a bit more edge I added my new Dr Martens. I am in love! Seriously, like *Insert heart eye emoji here*! I have always been a DM girl, and when I saw these I had to have them. They are limited edition, Cherry Red Arcadia 8 holes and I can't wait to wear them in. They have a red base, and then black has been polished over the leather and they've been shined up. This gives them a black cherry tone, and as I wear them in I'm told more red will show through. Yummy! 

To complete my festino look I added some cat eye sunglasses (I am always a sucker for this style - vintage girl!) and a serious flower crown (which I picked up at Primark last summer, but which you can find in most high street retailers this time of year). I love a floral crown, and wish they were everyday wear. They make me feel like a mix between Stevie Nicks and Frida Kahlo - two of my very favourite kick ass women! 

So that's a take on a festival look for you lovelies. What do you wear to a festival? Have you tried River Island Plus yet? What did you think? Let me know... 


  1. I LOVE this SO MUCH! You look ready to boot Courtney Love off the stage and claim her grunge queen crown! I'm such a huge fan of the 90s trends, and you have totally and utterly nailed it! xox

    1. Oh my god that is an amazing comparison - day made! I guess I forget sometimes how much growing up in the 90s has influenced my vibe!

  2. You look so cool yet chilled too. Loving the floral Headdress and those boots are the piece de resistance xxx

    1. Thanks honey! I was so glad it worked :) you know when you have an idea in your head but...

  3. You look so cool yet chilled too. Loving the floral Headdress and those boots are the piece de resistance xxx

  4. I LOVE this whole outfit! You look like you've just stepped out of Glasto (although mud free, lols!) Heavenly!

    I'm digging everything boho right now. xx
    Just Me Leah

    1. Yeah, me too! Having a bit of a boho resurgence which feels good. Back to my roots :)

  5. Oh you absolute boho fox! You look a treat and I'd totally dance around a festival with you!

    Sam x



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