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What I Wore in the Caribbean

If you follow me on social media, you may know why I have had a bit of a prolonged absence from my dear blog. I have been on holiday! Finally, got to escape this muddy (but beloved) isle for some real sunshine in the Caribbean. My brother got married on the island of St Lucia and I went out there with a crazy cohort of friends and family to celebrate Rory wedding my new sister, Ryan. A little bit about trip first, but scroll past my rambling if you just wanna see what I wore...

It was incredible. Honestly, absolutely amazing. We were out there in 30 degrees everyday for a week, and it was just gorgeous. I am one of those lucky people who really actually likes my sibling. My brother is one of my very best friends, and my new sister-in-law is one of my favourite people on this planet. As a result of this we share most of the same friends, and so this week was pretty much one long party. Helped along greatly by the fact that it was all inclusive, so drinking started most days at around 11am. We spent most of every day in the water - be that in the sea, or in the pool. We amassed an incredible and varied selection of floaties from across the globe, which meant even swimming was optional. A lot of it was just lazing with a cocktail or an ice cold beer. Heaven!

Some of my island team.

All the awesome floaties...

I have spent a lot of years worrying about how I look in swimwear. Growing up in a hot country, from adolescence it meant I felt left out of a lot of activities. Because I was too ashamed of my body to go in the water. To let anyone see it. It felt good to cast off those shackles in St Lucia. The trick is to not give a fuck. Just don't think about. And it works I promise. The first few minutes are daunting, and then you forget and you enjoy yourself. Because it feels so good to have the sun on your skin, to feel the sand between your toes and taste the salt on your lips. To feel your weightlessness as you float on your back looking up and that brilliant blue sky. How can you hate your body when it can allow you to do this? My body and I came to a sort of truce. In some ways, it was a hard week body wise. I was surrounded by women a lot smaller than me all week in very little clothing, and that made me aware of my body and my size in a way I haven't been in a while. But at the same time, I was pushing myself and my boundaries, and reminding myself that because my body was bigger than other people's didn't mean it was any less valuable. Which is an important lesson. It's also important to remember that if you just get on with it, you and everyone else will get over it. Confidence (fake it til you make it) is really key. Strut like you own the beach, and you will feel like you do. Don't hide, and dive for cover ups, because my lovelies you have nothing to hide! So, the few snaps I got of me in swim wear...

Purple Fringed Bikini Top - eBay
Sarong - Bought on a trip to Thailand

High Waisted Bikini Bottoms - Elomi

Me with the well loved YOLO floatie, Dress from Forever 21.

The last year has been a tough one, on a personal level. I have battled almost constantly with my mental health demons, and in the weeks leading up to the wedding I underwent a medication change - the first in a very long time - and it was terrifying. Before heading off to St Lucia I was filled more with dread that I wouldn't be able to manage a week surrounded by people, than excitement. I didn't know how I would fare without my usual crutches. But it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I was so busy that I didn't have time to do my usual overthinking. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, analysing and thinking about things, I was present. Active, and enjoying making new memories and having new experiences.

A lot of this had to do with putting my phone down to be honest. I am really bad at being present sometimes. Starting my blog has had so many positive effect for me, but living my life through the lens of social media has not been one of them. Phones, cameras, twitter - these can create barriers between us and experiences and other people. I get enraged when I go to a gig and see everyone in the crowd watching it through the shitty little screens on their phones as they live stream it, or video it for YouTube and Facebook later. What's the point? Be there. Be present! And I know I can be guilty of this too. But this week I made a concerted effort to be present. To enjoy my experiences. Hell half the time I was in the water so it was pretty much impossible to be as attached to my phone as I usually am. And it was good. I lived in the present, I enjoyed moments, and I made memories. Some of them will fade, but many of them will be all the richer because there is no picture of clip to rely on. I did manage to capture some of my outfits, so check out what I wore below lovelies...  

Red Lace Dress - Boohoo Plus (sold out)
Lady Luck Bag - Skinnydip London
Amy Winehouse Wig - Amazon

For Halloween we had a wig party, and I needed one large enough to hide my massive amount of hair under, so Amy Winehouse it had to be. I am all about big hair! This lace dress from Boohoo is fabulous and comfortable (I am so obsessed with Boohoo lately) but was a bit too low cut so I wore a black bandeau bra under it, which fixed the issue quite successfully. Added my fave purse from Skinnydip London and I was good to go!

I am absolutely obsessed with the dresses Evans are stocking from American brand City Chic. They are just incredibly cut, and well made. The lovely folks at Evans were kind enough to send me a box of goodies for my holiday and this dress was in there, and it's pretty much the perfect maxi. I love that it is waisted, as so few maxi dresses are. And the monochrome chevron print means it's super easy to accessorise. I went with my giant palm tree hoops from Black Heart Creatives, because they're fabulous and perfect for a tropical holiday.

Another fabulous City Chic frock, this lovely prom dress is a stunning silky fabric, and is a wonderful length for showing off some leg (and low cut enough to show off some cleavage too). I went for a size 22 in this dress (because despite it being a 22 it is more like a UK 20/22) and in hindsight I should have gone for a 24. There was a real danger of a boob popping out during dinner. Oops!

Mermaid Dolores Doll Dress - Collectif (limited edition)

I blogged about this dress back in the summer, and I am no less in love with it now. It felt perfect for the rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding. Accessorised by a perfect Caribbean sunset.

Neptune Green Silk Maxi Dress - Studio 8 London
Starfish Hair Clip - Anthropologie

I first saw this dress a year ago at the Studio 8 press day, and I knew immediately it was what I wanted to wear to Rory's wedding. It's beautifully simple and elegant, and perfect for a beach wedding. While I reviewed it earlier this year, this was actually the first time I ever wore this gorgeous dress for an event. I'd been saving it. And it was perfect. Wonderfully cool. A statement colour, and with my hair it made me feel even more mermaid-y than usual. It also worked hard! I partied in this dress for 12 hours - sweated, cried (happy tears I promise), danced like a maniac, waded into a swimming pool (beast!) and poured a couple of bottles of water over my head. Gave it a hand wash when I got home and it's as good as new. Now, that's a dress!

I'm finishing off with a picture of the gorgeous, happy couple. What an incredible week, and what a way to celebrate love and life. I couldn't be happier for these two. That they found each other, that they are wonderfully in love, and that my family just got bigger. In a world that seems to have gone more than a little bonkers lately, this is some light!


  1. OK, so those pool floaties are damn amazing! I love that purple fringing top, purple with your red hair is so so good. I love the green dress you wore for the actual wedding too, so perfect for a beach wedding. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks lovely. I love the tassels. They're so fun! And I wish I could have to floaties in the bath with me!

  2. You look amazing as always honey! Isn't St Lucia just such a wonderful place? Love how you rocked that bikini too!! Xxx

    1. Thank you my darling. It was amazing and so chilled out. Bliss!

  3. Oh you absolutely goddess ... that purple tassle bikini is stunning! You are stunning!

    I'm glad you had a such an amazing break - you deserved it!

    C xx

    1. Thank you my lovely. It was just what was needed! Xxz

  4. My fav is the city chic prom dress. I agree that their sizing is small too

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