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Swirly Goodness: Cut for Evans Pink Tunic Dress

This heat wave is insane! It is 8pm at night right now, and it's 31 degrees here in London. What?! I can't even! I am from Africa people, Africa! And right now I feel like I am nestled inside hell's bumhole. Does anyone know if you are allowed to legally marry your fan? How about a three way with a fan and a calippo? Answers on a postcard...

Right, now that I've gotten that off my (sweaty) chest, let's turn to the reason you are here... This adorable pink tunic dress from the latest Cut for Evans collection. Each year Evans runs a competition for recent fashion graduates to design a catwalk inspired plus size collection. The collections are daring and different and always worth checking out. This year the collection is really print orientated, featuring fresh, fun, girly doodles. Right up my street! The pattern on this dress is like a swirly lollipop - like it's been taken right from Willy Wonka's brain.

Baby Pink Satin Sneakers in Wide Fit - ASOS (similar here)
I am wearing this in a size 24 - I usually size up in these sorts of styles, because in a tunic I really want that loose casual fit. It's particularly pleasant in the summer (I wore this on a pretty steaming day, and it is cool and cute) when binding, form fitting clothes can leave you a little sweaty. I'm 5'8 and while I know this just on the knee length is a style a lot of women prefer, I wouldn't mind it a bit shorter. So I may ask the mom person to take it up for me (I have no sewing skills beyond buttons).

I love the fun, freshness of this pattern. And I really do look forward to seeing what Evans comes out with every year for this collection, and I would love to see more boundary pushing throughout the year. Because I do believe there are customers out there who want this sort of unusual, fun fashion. What do you think? Would you wear this collection? Let me know...


  1. Absolutely love this look on you! You look funky yet cool and refreshing. The pattern is so unusual and it really works.
    Oh and I want a 3way with a fan and a Calippo too!

  2. Hayley, this dress is utterly gorgeous on you. Its so laid back, relaxed, and utterly chic. I love it!

    C x


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