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Third Time Even Luckier: Shooting with Velvet

It's Valentine's Day. And while couples across the world cram themselves into chain restuarants, pay over the odds for roses, and buy each other heart shaped shit (no, you're single and bitter!) this single gal is celebrating, in the words of the late great Ms Houston, the Greatest Love of All. And the glorious pictures from my latest shoot with Velvet of plus size mag, Volup2.

One of the biggest turning points in my journey to self love was my very first shoot with Velvet D'Amour of Volup2. I think feeling like a model myself made me realise a couple of different things. Firstly, that there was beauty to be captured - that I wasn't just the collection of flaws that I had obsessed over for years. And that in the right lighting, with the right makeup (in this case the wonderful and talented hair and makeup artist, Rachel Williamson) and with a talented photographer there is a model in each and everyone of us. (Add in photoshop and no wonder images in mainstream media are so mind blowingly perfect). I also realised that it's the compassionate lens of a photographer such as Velvet which truly reveals beauty. Velvet sees beauty. It springs off the (digital) pages of Volup2. She regularly redefines beauty. Asks her viewers to look again at people and bodies, and see the beauty for themselves. She is a trailblazer and a visionary. Today, Volup2 turns 6. During this time it has been a light in the world of body positivity. Endlessly creating content that we're just not seeing anywhere else, photographing bodies that no one was paying any attention to. Finding beauty. 

I feel safe with Velvet. Safe to do things I thought I might never. Safe to show my sensuality (something I spent a very long time supressing and denying, not believing my body capable of sexiness), safe to commune with my inner goddess. Emboldened and encouraged to become part of her art. The images captured in the water are my favourite ever taken of me. I see a picture that shows me what I feel inside, on my very best day. And I love it. Today I am loving myself. I wish there was a national holiday to remind us to do just that.  



I hope you spend the day celebrating loving yourself. And go over to Volup2 and check out some more of Velvet's incredible shoots. 

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  1. You look amazing! I love the photos in the water! Hope you have an amazing day celebrating self love and you!

    Kerry-Ann xx

  2. Those pictures are amazing. Especially the ones in the water. Your hair is beautiful.

  3. You are such an amazing, epic, iconic dream merbabe! What a stunning series of images! xx


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