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V Day Lust List

Valentine's Day - not my favourite holiday of the year. Nothing else highlights quite how single you are, like Valentine's Day. This year, though I will be spending it learning to make macaroons with a happily married friend who nevertheless spurns this most saccharine of celebrations. 

Despite my deep rooted cynicism and all round black heart, I am a big fan of heart shapes and red, so I figured I might as well take the opportunity to make a special, themed lust list. So here are some cute Valentines inspired gifts and goodies - from the conventional to the kooky. Enjoy!

I guess I am a bit of a traditionalist so for me the perfect V Day outfit would need to be red. I don't however like to look too twee, so this crushed velvet dress from Missguided is perfect - luxurious, but paired with some leggings and boots it will have a bit of a grungy feel. Totally 90s. Love it. I have actually just bought this dress - review here...

I remember once watching those bitches Trinny and Susannah give some poor women a make over, and they had a right go at her because she only ever wore red shoes. I thought it was the most brilliant quirk, and one I have thought about cultivating ever since. Currently on my wish list are these reasonably priced cuties by Red Herring...

It is V Day, and what's it for if not a bit of naughtiness... Of course, Anne Summers always has you covered (or not so much in this case).For the burlesque performer in all of us, a pair of nipple tassels. This is one of those gifts that both giver and receiver get to enjoy ;)

I love hoop earrings, and these heart shaped ones are so cutely quirky I just love them. I really like that hammered, hand made look they have - nothing mass produced about these babies. Damn, I love Etsy.

My one true and consistent love is London, so this would be the perfect Valentines Day gift for me. 

If I was dating a fellow travel lover I would have to get them this adorable card...

So yes, those are a few Valentines bits from my lust list. What's on yours? 

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