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My week in outfits


Polly Shirt Dress - Collectif
Mustard cardigan - Next
White and black striped vest - H&M

I wore my Collectif Polly Shirt dress on Monday, and was struck by how the cardigan and my hair kinda made me look like a hot dog covered in ketchup and mustard. I'm okay with it. You can read my review of this dress here.


Seems I started off the week back in black big time. Love the embroidery on this Phyllis doll dress, and it is so easy to wear. I always feel very professional in this dress (except, as here, when I wear it with my big, fuck off , teal Doc Martens). 


Black net skirt - Asos Curve 
Necklace - Primark

I love this net skirt by Asos Curve, and you will see it featured here often - I really want to wear it about four times a week. It's a really good base. I also adore this necklace which was about £3 in Primark - I have never worn it without people asking me where it's from. I do get a bit of joy out of telling people it's from Primark. 


Dress - Pink clove
Purple tights - Evans

I love this dress. However, the last time I wore it was about a year ago. That's because when I did last wear it I was told by a well meaning friend that it wasn't very "flattering". Even at the time I wasn't sure I agreed with her, however every time I put the dress on I could hear those nagging words in my head, and so have put it on and taken it off more times than I can count over the last year. On Thursday morning I put it on and thought f*ck it! I love this dress - it reminds me of Monet's Waterlily paintings and makes me feel like Spring is on it's way. When I wore it I felt confident and pretty, and got complements all day, mainly because I was exuding that confidence. And confidence is flattering as hell! Mini victory!


Burgundy crushed velvet skater dress - MissGuided
Lace necklace - Etsy
Belt Primark

Read a full review of this fabulous dress here.

The Weekend

Rather than show you what I wore I will show the amazing makeup done for me by Rachel Williamson at my VOLUP2 shoot this weekend. I can't wait to show you all the pics as soon as I get them. Insanely excited. 

Have a good week cats and kittens!

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