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My (last few) Weeks in Outfits

What you may not know about me is during the day I am a civil servant, and work for a government department. That means that the last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy, and I've had little to no time to take regular outfit photos. So I figured I would just do a round up of everything I've take lately...

Lyra dress in Teal - Lady Voluptuous
Brown leather heels (old) - Marks and Spencer

While I await the delivery of my two new Phoebe dresses from Lady Voluptuous, I took my fave out for a spin. Especially love it with my big gypsy earrings. 

Black suede wedges - Primark

I'm a big fan of a blue green with red. This Lady V dress is another beauty, however it does need a tank top underneath, just cannot be worn without it. 

Brown Leather Boots - Evans
Skinny Brown Braided Belt - Primark

Like the freshness of this outfit - feels very seventies which is on trend at the moment (quite unlike me to be en vogue) and I think it works for work even if it is more casual than usual. 

Brown leather heels (old) - Marks and Spencer

I have been eyeing this Scarlett and Jo dress for a while. Very similar to another S&J dress I have in my wardrobe, this also has a forties flavour, and loads of lovely details which make it quite special. I will be reviewing this shortly, and it is another dress that I know will become a staple in my working wardrobe. Scarlett and Jo smashing it as per usual! This dress if currently on sale for the ridiculous amount of £15 - go and GET ONE!

Black belt with gold clasp - Primark

I just adore this shot of my beloved Dolores going all Marilyn on me. Too pretty! Another example here of how you can wear 50s styling to work and still look professional. 

I've got a review of this dress coming up later this week, but needless to say it is effortlessly comfortable and I feel like it is casual but I don't look slobby or sloppy which is sometimes my issue with casual clothes. Paired with the shades this is another totally seventies look. 

What have you been wearing lately?

Have a good week lovelies :)


  1. What an absolutely lovely selection of outfits! I think we have a very similar taste in dresses, and I am now pretty much swooning over your wardrobe! :) You look amazing! x

    1. Aw, honey! You've totally made my day you lovely lady! And yes, we are total style twins x

  2. Ooh, I'm loving all the polka dots, and that last dress from ASOS has gone right on my wishlist. xx

    1. Thanks honey :)
      I have a polka dot obsession! It's a real problem!
      I have just reviewed the Asos acid wash skater dress - comfy and cool, totally perfect.


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