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Arrrrr Matey: Review of the PSL Boutique Vixen Pirate Costume

I love Halloween! What's not to love? Spooky decorations, carved pumpkins, themed sweets, and fancy dress! I love a bit of fancy dress at the best of times, but how exciting to have a day dedicated to becoming someone else for a while. It's all a bit hedonistic and dark. Now, I love a bit of pirate action - the accessories are fabulous - loads of jewelery, big earrings, head scarves; all the men obviously look like Johnny Depp with eyeliner yum; lady pirates are fierce; and I am a fan of rum. So when Plus Size Lingerie Boutique asked me if I wanted to review something for Halloween I had to go with this Pirate look. 

Fishnet Stockings - Old
Red and Gold Sari Head Scarf - Thrifted

Going on the fit of the Alice in Wonderland costume I reviewed earlier this year, I ordered the Vixen Pirate in a 3XL/4XL (the size chart describes it as a size 22-26). The fit was very similar to the fit of the Alice, so I would say it would probably best fit 22 - 24, however lots of room in the gypsy top means it would work for bustier ladies. I am quite tall (5'8) and the skirt sits about mid thigh. Probably a little shorter than I would usually go, but it's fancy dress so what the hell? And adding fishnets and wedges gives my legs that little bit of extra coverage and shape that I need in a skirt this short. Despite fitting comfortably, for some reason the zip to the back would not sit flat which was annoying. This would be a deal breaker in a regular dress, but something I can over look in fancy dress. 

I love the layered look of this costume, despite the fact that it is in fact all in one so very easy to wear. The first layer is a red cotton under dress with a ruffled off the shoulder top (I love this look as I think a woman's shoulders are a beautiful feature and it's nice to show a bit of skin up top without it being all about the cleavage) and full blouson sleeves that have ties at the elbows to make them slightly more fitted. The overlay is a stretch velvet - this thicker fabric means it hugs curves without being too clinging. For fancy dress I might actually wear a corset underneath it to give me a more hour glass shape. I love the ribbon ties that give it that corseted look, however I might cut them a bit shorter for wearing out, mainly so I don't get tangled in them. Important to note that I am wearing a short layered tulle petticoat underneath the dress to give it that cute puffy skirt shape. I really feel like it adds to the whole look, so would recommend ordering them together. The petticoat can always be used under other costumes too. 

The joy of this costume is it does most of the work for you. I added a head scarf (made from a gorgeous thrifted sari), some big gold earrings and serious black eyeliner to complete the look. For Halloween I'll make sure I also have a cutlass and perhaps a parrot. 

Before discovering PSL Boutique I had always been a bit apprehensive about pre-made costumes. Finding clothes with a decent fit as a plus size woman is pretty tough so the idea that I might find something I would feel comfortable and confident just off the rail just never occurred to me. And yet this is now the second costume I have had from them that I have felt properly gorgeous in. So yes! It is possible for plus size ladies to buy costumes off the rail! And PSL Boutique have a wonderful selection. Every time I go on there I see something else I want to try, they dispatch quickly, and are reasonably priced for what you get. So if you have a big Halloween bash coming up, or any other sort of fancy dress I would totally check them out. 

What do you think of the pirate get up? Do you do dress up? Have you tried plus size costumes before? Let me know...  


  1. You look amazing, it's really flattering. I was looking for a pirate outfit a few months ago and couldn't find out, wish I had come across this one.

  2. You sexy little wench!! I love this on you, especially with your hair. I love fancy dress and this looks like it's pretty decent quality. Quite rare when looking for affordable plus size costumes. Going to check out their range x

  3. Arrrr me hearties, I spy a tasty wench! You look fabulous. I often dress up as a pirate as Hastings hosts Pirate Day each year. It's a great excuse to get dressed up and get sozzled! Plus, fit men in eyeliner, wahey! xx

    Just Me Leah

    1. Hahahaha, Leah you crack me up! And you need to get this for next year's Pirate Day! xxx


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