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Botanical Boobs: Breeze Longline Bra From Cleo By Panache

A couple of months ago I had a somewhat rude awakening when I realised that I was in fact wearing the completely wrong bra size! In afternoon I went from a 40C to a 38F. Since I have been restocking my lingerie drawer with well fitting prettiness, so I was thrilled when the lovely team at Panache sent me this botanical beauty from their Cleo range. 

I've been spreading this beauty around on social media since I first saw it. The print is floral fabulous and vibrant,  and I love the blend of colours used for the flowers.I feel like it really goes with my hair for some reason. I am not usually one for matching lingerie sets because I am quite particular about the fit of my panties, so I love that the Breeze print has a multitiude of colours to pick from when you come to choosing knickers to go with it. With a print this bold, I like the simple accents the designer has chosen - a fine black border and a pink bow, with this unusual long line style. The light padding means a smoother shape under clothes and better nipple concealment. 

This is a 38F, which is the same size I wear in my Marcie bra by Cleo, and the fit is pretty perfect. As you can see the longline is not nearly as long on me, and as I wear it it does to ride up a bit. Not in an uncomfortable way (and it's not obvious under clothes), but being more fleshy means that the bra doesn't sit quite as straight as it does on the model. 

This bra gives my bust a nice rounded shape and good lift, as well as a sort of cleavage gully which I like. As I have mentioned before, my boobs are quite wide spaces, and fuller at the bottom than at the top and I find that this style brings them towards the front of my body and certainly helps create the illusion of more fullness at the top of the cup. The central gore sits flat against my sternum - an indication of a good fit. I fill each of the cups to the very bottom, and the three part construction means this bra is properly supportive. Due to the longline design the back has a row of 5 hooks and eyes , which makes for a nice firm band. As with the Marcie bras, the band has started quite tight, but it will loosen as it is worn.

The Breeze is special. It's not an everyday bra for me. It's good under a glam dress for a beautiful silhouette, and is exciting enough for the bedroom. Over the weekend I wore this bra to a photo shoot for the new Scarlett and Jo collection - it got absolute rave reviews in the fitting room where a lot of the other plus size women were just unaware that something this exciting was available in their size. And that's what I love about Panache - they are making such beautiful bras in exotic and exciting prints for bigger sizes. The Breeze is available in sizes 32C - 38H. 

So have you gotten anything from Panache? Is the Breeze your stile? Or do you prefer your lingerie a little more simple? Let me know...


  1. I love those longline bras, I bought a few M&S ones last winter and it's almost like wearing another layer - toasty warm!
    The pattern on this one is gorgeous, definitely a special occasion bra :)

    Zoe xx

    1. I am not sure that this one seems long enough to make any difference to warmth levels. Haha!

  2. I love this but I just need to shout... PLEASE DO BIGGER BACKS! Ok, love you and your gorgeous boobs. Fab review. If they had it in a 40 back I would have just made a purchase. ;)

    1. I'd love to see them with bigger backs sizes too. But the Sculptresse range goes up to a 46 back and they have some really pretty styles. Go check them out hon.

  3. This looks fantastic on you - those colours. I know what you mean about the longline bras riding up slightly though - they do it on me too!

    C xx

  4. This is an amazing bra and it looks beaut on you, plus boobs! I need to get in on this longline bra action. xx

    Just Me Leah

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