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My Month in Outfits: What I Wore in January

January is always a tough month. Every year I swear I am going to book myself a nice long holiday somewhere sunny , and every year I fail to do so. So I am not sorry to see the back end of this month,  but outfit wise it's been pretty awesome, so I thought I'd show you what I've been wearing...

Brown leather boots - Evans (last winter)

On my first day back at work I wore this navy lace paneled dress in a forties style from Scarlett and Jo. This dress really works for workwear, as well as for drinks or a date afterwards. The lace panel keeps it demure enough for the office, but that little heart shaped bust line underneath makes it quite sexy I think. It fits me well in a 22, and the heavy weight jersey hangs wonderfully well. 

White and black polka dot dolores doll dress - Collectif

There's not much to be said about these dresses that I haven't already said in my comprehensive review of them earlier this month - if you've not read it yet, then you should! I honestly think this is the perfect pin up dress for buxom ladies. An absolute dream! 

This dress from wonderfully reasonably priced dress (incidentally, currently on sale) from Pink Clove is one of my very favourites. I just love the shape it gives me, the wonderful blend of colours, how is it easy to wear, and the fabulous 70s print. Great for work, and for after. 

Yellow cami top - Evans
Burgundy biker boots - Evans (previous season)

A bit more of a casual look, which I wore to the Elvi Spring Summer 16 launch. I love the different shades of yellow together, and I think worn with the jeans and boots it's quite an effective way of wearing quite summery shades in winter. 

Prom style floral dress - Asos Curve (very old)
Wide belt - Primark (old)
Burgundy biker boots - Evans

This dress is an oldy but a goody. Wonderfully poofy skirt, and with a squared scoop neckline which gives me a rather sumptuous cleavage. I like to belt it with a wide belt, and I chose to accessorize it on this occasion with my beautiful gold shell bag that I got from Skinny Dip London, as a Christmas present. 

Red Freddie Cardigan - Collectif
Black leather wedges with ankle strap - Clarks

Another day, another Dolores Doll. This is the newest addition to my collection, now 8 dresses strong. I love the red, because I am a sucker for a red dress at the best of times, and polkadots with red are pretty awesome. It makes me feel fifties fabulous and is definitely a dress for when you want to stand out. 

Tan leather belt - Asos Curve
Navy Freddie Cardigan - Collectif

Work has been rather busy, so some days I have had to rely on a good old lift selfie to record my outfit of the day. This Lana dress, in it's wonderfully chintzy print, is still one of my favourites and works with a host of other colours. 

This beauty from Simply Be, is by far one of my favourite dresses at the moment. It's not the tightest fitting, but it's my first wiggle dress, and I feel hella fierce in it. You can read my full review here

Brown Leather Boots - Evans

I absolutely love my Lady Volup Lyra dresses. They are such an easy everyday style, easily dressed up or down. My latest acquisition is this longer sleeved version in blue. A great colour on red heads, and while I am not usually a long sleeve fan, these are easily pushed up if you get warm easily like I do. 

You may have noticed that I have a bit of a new look and feel over here at Curves n Curls! Yup, I have moved over onto a blog template that is a bit easier to navigate, so hopefully you will all find it easier to find the links you want, and connect with me on social media etc. The wonderful Georgina from She Might Be Loved migrated everything over for me, but I am ensured it is quite an easy process. So if you are looking for a new template, I would definitely have a look at some of the great ones on offer over at Pipdig

Let me know what you have been wearing lately, and what you think about the new template below...


  1. As much as I love a good dress, that yellow top looks AMAZING!

    1. Thanks honey. I love it too. Alas I find it so hard to find tops that I love! Which is really annoying as I love a good pair of jeans.

  2. You have so many beautiful clothes! I love the shell bag I have been lusting after that xx

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

    1. Thanks honey! Listen, people will ask what you want a gold shell bag for, but trust me, it goes with EVERYTHING! x

  3. I absolutely love the leopard print and the Pink Clove on you! I love Pink Clove too :D so much loveliness

    1. Thank you my lovely! I do love me some Pink Clove - they have such great prints! xxx

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