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Happy Birthday Curves n Curls! One Year In...

Phew, what a year! I can't believe that Curves n Curls is celebrating it's first birthday! Woo hoo! It's been an exciting and busy year, and writing this blog has given me amazing opportunities, taking me to interesting places, and meant I've met some fabulous people along the way. Reading back on my first post, I am pleased that my little blog is still managing to do most of what it set out to do and that I haven't strayed too far from my original vision for this little corner of the internet. So much has happened this year I couldn't possibly hope to sum it all up (and I have already written and lost this post once!) but I thought it would be nice to write about a few of my highlights from my very first year of blogging.

Also, keep reading throughout January, as I am going to be doing a giveaway each week, with some of my favourite brands including Panache, Voodoo Vixen, Studio 8 and Avene. 

Shooting with Velvet D'Amour

I barely recognise the shivering girl that arrived at a little London flat in February last year. I was there to be photographed by full figured icon Velvet D'Amour, creator of VOLUP2. And I was pretty terrified. I just wasn't sure my fledgling confidence was going to be able to withstand being the subject of a camera. However I needn't have worried. Velvet was incredible. She put me immediately at ease, and captured the best pictures that have ever been taken of me, hands down, in a morning. I can't describe the boost these images gave to my new found confidence, and continue to give it, whenever I am having a bit of a down day. If you are looking for a little boost, shooting with Velvet, or any body positive photographer is an incredible experience and will do wonders for your confidence, and was a real highlight for me.

Learning to love myself in lingerie

This year I found comfortable, well fitting, sexy as f*ck lingerie for full figured women. I had always just assumed that this sort of sexiness was the preserve of smaller women who could fit into the frilly fancies offered by Victoria Secret and Anne Summer. So when I discovered the beauties created especially for curves by brands like Panache and Elomi I was elated. Putting on these well made, seductive pieces of lingerie made me feel a different kind of sexy. A year ago it would have been completely unthinkable that I might pose in and review lingerie on my blog, but as my confidence grew that's exactly what I did. Because I know how powerful it was for me to see plus size women looking hot as hell in slinky numbers. So yeah, learning to love myself in lingerie was one hell of a highlight. 

Visiting the USA

My trip to the United States in August this year was amazing for loads of reasons, not least that I got to celebrate the marriage of two of my favourite people in the world with many of my loved ones. However, from a style and confidence point of view it was a highlight too. I have often found holidays to be a bit problematic. I feel like I have to be wearing shorts and tees like everyone else does, and there is the endless bathing suit issue.But on this holiday I took loads of sundresses, my usual favourites, and rocked my own style instead of feeling like I had to fit into some sort of specific holiday uniform (why I ever thought that in the first place is beyond me). It had such an impact on how I felt though. I usually dread the hundreds of pictures taken on a holiday (she who posts photos every day, go figure!) but in all the candid snaps I am relaxed and enjoying myself. And when there was a double chin visible - well who cares? I have a double chin and I was having a good time. My biggest personal victory was wearing a bikini for the first time since I was about 4. I wore it to the pool at the hotel my first night on holiday and guess what - no one died, no one fell over, and I felt pretty awesome truth be told. I came back to my room elated and over joyed and posted a selfie. A bikini selfie! It garnered a decent amount of hate on twitter, but to be honest the overwhelming amount of positive comments outweighed the misguided rubbish ones, and I was so thrilled with myself I honestly couldn't give one shit about the haters. Whoop! 

Winning Best New Blog at the British Plus Size Awards

In a year full of highlights, winning Best New Blog at the British Plus Size Awards is definitely right up there. I was nominated in a tough category, against some of my favourite bloggers, so winning was incredible and an unexpected pleasure. It was a wonderful evening. I was hosted by the lovely team at Panache and dressed by Dynasty, and I felt like a curvy Cinderella on the night. I got to share the evening with my mum, and the gorgeous Curvy Wordy, as well as many other blogger babes and queens of the plus size community. I still get a little emotional when I think about winning! Writing my blog has changed so many things for me in this short time alone, and while winning isn't everything at all, it was incredible to be recognised for something that that has been quite so personal and transformative for me. Thanks again to everyone who voted.

These are just a handful of highlights. To be honest, each and every time I hear from one of you with a question, to tell me about your journey, or to let me know something you've tried, bought or thought because of this little blog it makes me feel as high as each of the things I've mentioned above. So please, keep writing. I love hearing from you!

What were your highlights for 2015? Let me know below... 


  1. Oh man, I just love the hell out of this post. Totally in awe of what an amazing year you've had, and it can only get better from here!

  2. What a amazing year. The velvet photos are stunning and hearing your confidence shine through when you talk about your holiday is fabulous x


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