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Lady Lemon: Yellow Floral Lindy Bop Lana and Chaffree

Despite a bit of drizzle, I decided to dive head first into the Spring palette for Easter this year with my latest Lana dress from Lindy Bop in Lemon. 

Navy Blue Freddie Cardigan - Collectif (not currently available)
Double Yellow Hair Rose - Daisy Jean Floral (similar here)
White Belt - eBay
Gold Pumps - New Look (previous season)

One of the things you probably don’t know about me is I am part of a  BIG family. In my immediate family it’s just me, my mum, my brother and his fiance. But my mum is one of five! (Clearly not much good on TV in Zimbabwe back in the day) The aunties,uncles and cousins are endless. Family events, as you can imagine, are carefully choreographed anarchy.

The gatherings always centre around food (mum mum I'd a super cook, and tends to host, stretching her little flat and garden to maximum capacity!) and drink. And with three generations under one roof things can get a little rowdy. Conversations are often punctuated by long rambles down memory lane (always entertaining, considering we all grew up in Africa), family gossip, inappropriate jokes and the occasional screaming row about politics or religion – we never stay away from the topics we should! So, now you have a bit of an idea of what my Easter was like.

On Easter Sunday I was alternately in the garden, crafting with the kids, helping in the kitchen and eating impressive helpings of shepherd's pie and chocolate! I fancied wearing something pretty, and comfortable. So that's where Lana came in! One of the things I love about my Lana dresses are they work for
pretty much any occasion. I’ve worn Lanas on nights out and to work, but for a day with kids, spent hiding easter eggs in bushes in the garden, and playing on the floor, she works just as well.

I love a bit of yellow in my life. It’s so endlessly cheerful and pretty, without the sacchrine, overly girly quality of pink. So I was thrilled when I saw this Lana in such a pretty yellow and blue print. There are just not enough yellow dresses in the world! I added a double yellow rose from Daisy Jean Floral, and a navy cardi from Collectif, and I was ready to go!

I have done so many reviews of Lana dresses (see here and here) that I don't think there's much more to say other than that I love her! And... She fits me perfectly in a size 22. I love that the neckline is lowered at the back - it makes this dress demurely sexy. The skirt is full - perfect with or without a petticoat. Lindy Bop are adding more prints and I love that - please keep doing so!

(also available in mocha, delicate pink and white)

This was also the first day this year of no tights or leggings! Hallelujah! But my meaty thighs mean I am cursed with inevitable chub rub - the horror of delicate thighs rubbed raw by chafe. For years my Spring and Summer solutions were pairs of roughly chopped off leggings (never even bothered to hem them). Heavy cotton underneath all my pretty dresses. 

But no longer! I have discovered the joys of Chaffree Knicker Boxers. They are similar in shape to my sad cut-off leggings, but are way lighter, more comfortable and breathable. The lightness of them (the website describes them as a second skin) is the real winner for me. In the height of summer with knickers, perhaps some shapewear AND a pair of leggings on - well that situation is bound to get mighty sweaty! I end up feeling, well, swaddled (for want of a better word!). I was so impressed with the Chaffree shorts thought - cool and non sweaty, they were incredibly comfortable. They can also be pulled right up under the bra as well, so give you a little tummy support too. I don't know if you can tell I am a big fan?! Get in on that action before summer is upon us!

So that was my Easter outfit. How was yours? What did you wear? Have you tried a Lana? Or Chaffree? Let me know...


  1. I love the Lana dress, and this print is beautiful! I have the Teal print, but this is so summery and you look stunning!!! Really beautiful xx

    1. Thanks my lovely lady :) I love me some yellow!

  2. That print is delicious - you look like the epitome of spring!

    C xx

  3. That dress is gorgeous> It looks really good on you:)

  4. That dress looks good on You. Much better than on Lindy Bop's site actually.

    Ah, I so understand Your problem, I have exactly the same thing with my tights! Boxers are awesome, also this year I'm planning to try baby anti-chafe cream, my friend recommended it to me.

    1. Ah thanks you honey!
      I find the cream can be useful if I am not going to be doing too much walking or need it to work for too long - but sometimes you have to reapply quite a bit. These shorts are such a great alternative for me.

  5. You look beautiful and comfortable in your own skin- that makes any outfit work. The colors truly suit you. Love it!


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