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Tutu Much? Me And My Society Plus Tutu

I fell in love with this tutu when I first saw it at UK Plus Size Fashion Weekend last year. American brand Society Plus brought a selection of their pieces to the event, and the tutus just wowed me. So as soon as I could I ordered this blush beauty. It arrived in a flounce of tulle - just the ballerina dream I had wanted. And yet it sat in my cupboard for months without wear... 
I had searched for the perfect tutu for years. In high school I envied Carrie Bradshaw looking a little confused on the streets of Manhattan in her tiered tulle, and I wanted my very own plus size version. I'd had cheap knock offs, with not nearly enough netting and shiny faux satin showing through. I'd had a massive beast of a tutu made from yards and yards of stiff black and scarlet netting, that is fabulous (Velvet shot me wearing it) but not quite practical. I'd toyed with the idea of getting a tutu from one of the sellers on Etsy, but they tend to be quite pricey, and it was a lot of money to outlay for something I couldn't feel or see before hand. And then Society Plus flounced down the runway in reams of tulle, and I knew I'd finally found The One! 

Gold Shell Cross Body Bag - Skinny Dip London (here in silver)
Knitted Shrug - New Look (similar here)
Teacup Glitter Plimsoles - Keds

Society Plus are based in the states (and run by US blogger babe Jessica Kane), so my tutu had a long way to travel. But when it arrived it was the perfect colour (I love that blush is pretty much a neutral) and just as poofy and full, yet floaty as I'd hoped. I put it on and it fit like a dream. It's snug into the waist (I wear mine quite high up to accentuate the narrowest part of my body) then puffs out over my hips. The length hits me about mid calf (I'm 5'8), and the skirt stands out beautifully by itself, and swishes when I walk. So, why then did I take more than 6 months to wear this beauty out of the house? 

Honestly... I felt like I was taking up too much space. I felt like all the wonderful poofiness of the skirt combined with my large body was just too much. Objectively, I could see that the skirt was pretty. I liked the shape. But I just felt too much. Essentially, putting on the tutu jump started this monologue in my head. A monologue informed by everything I'd ever been taught about taking up less space. Trying to make myself smaller. Making sure that I fit into the space a girl is supposed to take up. And I felt my confidence falter.  I wasn't sure this was the way I wanted to draw attention to myself. Despite realising that all that is just nonsense, it was incredible how powerful it was. Powerful enough for me to put this item back in my closet and willfully forget about it for a while. 

One of the things I most love about plus size fashion events is that they are safe spaces. You can try things out, tentatively edge out of your comfort zone, and do something that might scare you otherwise. You can also be inspired. By all the other women who are pushing boundaries, and being their best selves. 

So I decided that Curvy Con in London last weekend would be the right time to debut my tutu. I was scared. To be honest the day before I didn't know if I was going to wear it. I get that that sounds ridiculous! I mean recently I spent the day prancing around in underwear for the camera. Surely I am far enough along on my body confidence journey to not be bothered by an extra floofy tutu? I've had a little think about this. And I think it's that I get a lot of confidence from my clothes. It's often where I draw my power from. And so if I feel uncertain in them, it rocks me more than it maybe would others. But I also knew that I probably wasn't feeling good about this because of these stupid ideas I had in my head, rather than there being anything wrong with the actual look. 

When I am wearing something that scares me a little, I try to make sure that everything else is in my comfort zone. I paired my tutu with my super comfy vest from The Big Tights Company, a little crocheted shrug from New Look, and a thick belt from Primark to really draw the waist in. I wore a beautiful statement lace necklace I bought from Etsy a couple of years ago, and added some gold with my Shell cross body bag from Skinnydip London and my amazing glittery Keds (glam and comfortable - the dream!). 

And when I'd put it all together I felt pretty fabulous. I love the way the belt nips me in, and then the skirt poofs out over my hips giving me a wonderful silhouette. The skirt swishes, and at Curvy Con I lost count of the number of women who wanted to know where it was from and feel it's soft layers (softer than you'd think). I didn't feel too much at all. And I think the shape of the skirt is made for curves. I felt comfortable and pretty and bold. And I am so glad that I just tried something different. Pushed my own boundaries. Because next time I wear my dream skirt I won't need hand holding. I won't need a safe space. I look great. I take up space, but then I am going to take up space regardless of skirt choice. And to be honest, why shouldn't I? 

Is a tutu on your wishlist? What's one of your dream pieces you're yet to track down? Have you checked out Society Plus yet? Let me know... 


  1. I'm so glad you decided to wear it because I am in LOVE with those Society+ tutus (as you could tell when I manhandled you...) and you looked amazing <3

    1. There was so much manhandling going on! Not that I minded, lol ;) Wish there'd been time and enough calm for a proper chat lovely x

  2. I think you look absolutely gorgeous! I'm a bit envious too, at 58 I don't think I could quite carry it off. I will check out Society Plus.

    1. I think you should give it a try! I wasn't sure I could pull it off at all, and now I can't wait to find another occasion to wear it to!

  3. You looked amazing in your tutu! I have two Society+ tutu's and I really should wear them more often! This weekend maybe x

  4. I think you look adorable!!! Good for you.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, that's so lovely. I felt adorable!


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