Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Modern Woman: The Yours Clothing Styling Challenge

One of the things I love about blogging is I have discovered loads of women with such different style to my own. It challenges me and my wardrobe, but also it just makes me glad that we're all different and that fashion is as diverse as the people who love it. Take my very own blog wife and BoPo babe Lottie L'Amour - where I am all retro, feminine flirtiness, her style is streetwise, quirky and modern. Recently Lottie L'Amour and I decided to set ourselves a little styling challenge. We each picked the other an outfit from Yours Clothing. Something we thought would look good on the other, but would also challenge them a little. Check out what Lottie picked for me...

Lottie really got me out of my comfort zone by picking me something way more modern looking than I'm used to. With almost everything I wear, there is almost always some sort of historical reference or nod to a bygone era in there (be it pinup, grunge or disco) but this felt straight out of the last decade. Lottie chose this Zip Front Dress, in a monochrome, stippled zebra print. It has a zip to the front, and long sleeves which I rolled up to the elbow (I'm just not one for long sleeves very often), I felt I could have used a belt for a little more cinching at the waist, but the dress is comfortable in a casual way, and it was good to try something different. This would totally work for work, and is an easy outfit to throw on in the morning, and as I am totally useless in the morning that is always a plus! I went for a size 22 (my usual size) and it was a little tight across the shoulders and arms (where I am quite big anyway) but I think a 24 would have been too big all over. The dress is a great length (I'm 5'8), and I loved it paired with the Chelsea Boots. The buckle detail is a great little addition, as it gives them a little edge, and at £25 I honestly think these boots are a total bargain!

Lottie finished my look with the Yours Bucket Bag with Tassle Detail, and some White and Silver Crystal Drop Earrings. The bag is again something I would never have chosen for myself (I never think of myself as that kind of trendy, and I am pretty sure using the word trendy means you're automatically not) but I actually love it. It goes with everything, is a great size, and I've used it loads since it arrived a couple of weeks ago. I also love the earrings, chandelier style earrings are always a go to for me, the bigger the better, and I think I am going to get a lot of use out of these as they are versatile colours.

It was super fun playing dress up with Lottie. We both are keen to do it again, because it's great to try new things and explore stuff you wouldn't usually try. You can check Lottie's look that I styled for her over on her blog, but here's a quick sneak preview... Let us know what you think!



  1. OK, I've been wanting to see this dress on a plus size blogger because I just couldn't decide from the photos on the website, and now I neeeeeeed it, you look amazing

    1. Yess! I love it when that happens :) oh happy day!

  2. That dress is amazing and you look amazing in it! I love love love the print and that little bag is uber cute.

    1. Thanks honey, yeah that bag is wonderful! It's my every day bag now, take I everywhere!

  3. Lottie did such an amazing job - this dress is utterly stunning on you (those legs!!!!) and I love the earrings!

    Also loving how hot Lottie looks in your outfit pic - amazing!

    C xx


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