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Keeping It Casual: A Casual Look with Simply Be

With my latest incarnation as a lady of leisure (read unemployed) I am definitely wearing casual looks a lot more often. Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know this has always been an area of fashion I've been less comfortable with, but I feel like I am finally starting to crack it. And so I have put together this totes casual season transition look from Simply Be, which I am living in right now.  

Being a fan of dresses generally, I am always on the look out for a casual dress or tunic that you can pop on over a pair of leggings of tights. My beatnik heart loves a stripe, so I really like this slouchy T-shirt in a black and ivory stripe. This jersey dress has pockets (yay!), slouchy dropped shoulder sleeves, and a mid thigh length on my 5'8 frame. I went for the size 22/24 which is a perfect fit, especially as I like this sort of dress a little loose for comfort. I am wearing the dress over a pair of Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre tights from The Big Tights Company, which are nice and warm.

I decided to pair my stripes with a short denim jacket. Denim is super in this season, and so this little jacket from Simply Be is gonna be a great investment for the season (and beyond, because let's be honest denim jackets are often en vogue). They also have it in Vintage Indigo and Washed Black, but for me the Mid Blue is just such a classic colour for this style, and I love how it looks a little lived in. This jacket is a size 22. It probably wouldn't look that good buttoned up completely, but as I never intend to wear it that way, I am not too worried about it. For me it is more important that it fits well on my arms and shoulders and doesn't look like it's swamping me. As embroidery is such a hot trend (and personally an embellishment I have always loved) I am thinking of adding some iron on embroidered patches to mine, but here I just pinned on my gorgeous little Swish & Flick pin from Nutmeg & Arlo on Etsy. Wingardium Leviosa!

I went super casual with my footwear for this look, in some incredibly comfy Nike trainers. They really work with this casual look, and are so comfy - perfect for running errands or a Sunday afternoon spent mooching around a museum (I wore this outfit to the V&A lingerie exhibition, Undressed, which was brilliant). Also, it's pretty great that you can get some major brands on Simply Be too! I also got this rad cross over bag which is a multi pocketed tan guy. It's great quality for the price to be honest - spacious and with loads of pockets. Yay!

So that is my current, transitional season casual look. I think it's really wearable and quite easy to recreate. What do you think? Let me know...


  1. Love this look - I just got a striped dress from Simply Be to wear around Seville at the end of the month so I'm plates going to be ripping off this look!

    C xx

    1. DO IT! Such an easy one to put together. And yay for Seville!

  2. this is such a cute look! A good throw on dress (especially with pockets) is such an easy way to look good but be comfy too. I suspect this might be a bit too short for me to get away with but it is a beaut!

    1. Yeah, it feels like it's a bit short for me, but throw on leggings and you're good to go!


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