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The days are finally getting longer. The shops are starting to fill with the first hopeful hues of summer fashion, and there are daffodils everywhere. Which means we are seeing the first stirrings of the great marketing con, perpetrated against all women, the "summer body". Also known as the "bikini body" or "beach body", it is a myth rooted in a desperation to sell us things we don't need, patriarchy and utter horseshit.

The products that use this insidious ploy to erode our self esteem are doing so because, mostly, they do not have a legitimate reason to sell us this crap. Because we don't need it. So they create a myth. That you can only possibly have a good summer if you're bronzed, highlighted, hairless, and sporting an enviable cleavage and a thigh gap. Please fuck the fuck off!  But despite the fact that more and more women are telling them to fuck off, they still seem to think these campaigns are a good idea. So every year, we have to find a new way to communicate to them that we will not be told what sort of a body is "acceptable" because we see through this utter nonsense!

High Waisted Swim Briefs - Elomi Swim (last season) 

Let me make this clear - the body you have RIGHT NOW is a summer body. Your post baby body, your ate loads of donuts body, your pumped iron every day in the gym body, your marathon runner body, your plus size yogi body, your pale body, your dark body, your differently abled body, your roly poly body, your small chested body, your size 6 body, your size 26 body. They are all appropriate for every season. You DO NOT have to change your body. If this is something you want to do, for any number of reasons that are personal to you then this is your choice and please proceed. But no amount of adverts for slimming shakes, self tanning products, hair removal methods, breakfast cereals, dieting pills, or weight loss methods should make you feel you HAVE to. Because your body is beach ready! Your body is bikini ready! Your body is frolic in the sea and roll around on the sun ready! Or, if you prefer, your body is sit under a big umbrella and drink a pitcher of margaritas ready!

Late last year I spent a wonderful week in the Caribbean. It is the most free I have ever felt in my body. I did all the things that I wanted to. I swam and sun bathed and played volley ball. I dived off things and swam under things, and I felt fabulous for doing. I knew I was going to be spending the week in swimwear, and that regardless of what angle someone viewed me from or what sarongs and cover ups I wear, my body is still my body. It is a fat body. A size 22, jiggly body. A body that can swim, that can run, that can have just as much fun, as much life, regardless of the season.

So when the ads start flowing, which they will, I want you to remember that. Whatever the state of your body it is fine just as it is. You don't need to change it to fit in. You don't need to change it to have fun. You can still very much have wonderful summer, regardless of your size and shape. And every time you see one remember this - they are trying to sell me something I don't need. My body is ready, just as it is right now. And have a wonderful summer.

Original swimwear reviews are here, here and here. Big love to George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust for taking these pics.


  1. Very well said, lady! I posted a meme on my justmegorgeous page the other day which sums it up as "Summer gonna get whatever the eff is under these clothes!" And it is! xx
    x LoveLeah x

  2. Could not agree more with every single word. You are rocking those bikinis.

  3. Nice post hun. Nice to see someone putting this top back out there. Nice bikinis too!


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