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My Week in Outfits

The first week of proper sun! London was looking ridiculously gorgeous and me and the girls from work took every opportunity to just get out in the sun. Sitting on the river, watching the world go bye is just the best way to decompress for an hour. I could feel my skin just light up with the warmth and vitamin D. Oh summer, you little tease, how we have missed you! 


Brown leather heels - Marks and Spencer (old)

The sun came out and so did my legs! Was wonderful to not feel all bound up in tights for a change and feel the air on my skin. It did feel a bit daring having my pale skin on show for the first time in 6 months, but I like the shape of my legs and it just made me feel so summery.


Polly Shirt Dress - Collectif
Mustard cardigan - Next
White and black striped vest - H&M
Black suede wedges - Primark

Another sunny day and more pins on display.I don't wear this dress often enough - every time I do I remember how much I adore it. You can read my review here.


Ditsy heart print prom dress - Asos Curve (old)
White belt - stolen off one of my Lindy Bop dresses
  Red Freddie Cardigan - Collectif
Brown leather heels - Marks and Spencer (old)

This dress has a very special place in my heart. It started a wardrobe revolution, and yet of late has been lost at the back of my cupboard. I pulled it out on Thursday and felt as fabulous in it as I did the first time I ever wore it. I am going to be reviewing it soon because despite it no longer being on sale it deserves it's moment in the spotlight. LOVE! (Only in hindsight did I realise how similar this outfit was to Tuesday's - oops!)


Leopard print tank top - Asos Curve
Black cardi - Marks and Spencer
Black jeggings - George at Asda
Black suede wedges - Primark

I am trying to get better at casual wear, but I still have about 2 outfits that I would officially classify as casual wear. And this is one of them. Love me some leopard print, and this is my first foray in the world of jeggings. Unfortunately I am shaped so that while trousers, leggings and the like may fit my tummy, thighs and bum my skinny bloody ankles are often left drowning. This makes it really hard for me to get a true skinny fit. But the search continues for some decent skinny black jeans. Let me know your recommendations...


Black leggings - Primark
Brown leather heels - Marks and Spencer (old)
Cat eye sunglasses - Accessorize

Still feeling summery on Saturday. This shot was taken at about 7pm and it was still sunny! That makes me so happy. I have reviewed this fabulously 70s dress before here

Sorry I was a bit late this week. Been a busy couple of weeks, with work and dating and trying to have a social life! Need to be slightly more disciplined about my blogging. Have a wonderful week cats and kittens! x


  1. You look gorgeous in Thursday's dress, maybe its because you can tell how happy you are in it! I love your hair, its so vibrant. :)

    1. Thanks sweetie! Yours is pretty VIBRANT too! <3

  2. So many cute and flirty dresses ... Can I steal your wardrobe please?

    C xx

    1. If only we were the same size, we could do a wardrobe swap! You have the most gorgeous clothes and taste. I would totally trust you to shop for me - is there a blog challenge in there somewhere? xxx

  3. I'm loving all the lovely prints. xx


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