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It's My Party: My Birthday Lust List

It's nearly my birthday! Okay, I've been saying that since the second week in January, but seriously... It's nearly my birthday! It's in the first week of April. There are many great things about birthdays - cake, an excuse to drink bubbles all day, parties, balloons. And then there are presents. I seriously love me some presents! Here's what's on my wish list this year...

Accessories from Skinny Dip London

I am a total Skinny Dip London addict. I already own the gorgeous Gold Shell Cross Body Bags (which brings me closer to my lifelong fantasy of being a mermaid) and the gorgeous Lady Luck bag, which they designed in conjunction with Felicity Haywood. But I am desperate to add more of their wonderful accessories to my collection, and with their wonderfully whimsical and fun designs they're perfect for a birthday treat!

This bag is totally glam and totally adorable. The gold chrome and perspex will work day or night, and the little bumble bees with their crystal wings are too sweet for words. I am in LOVE!

I like my purses to have personality, and I like to change them often - therefore I usually go for reasonably priced options. This metallic blue beauty has loads of mermaid allure, and ticks the personality and affordability boxes.Get in my bag!

Another thing I like to change often is my mobile case. What can I say, I get bored easy! I love me some sparkle and glitter, and I am all about pineapples at the moment. And here Skinny Dip have made me a combo! Boom! 


If you're looking for unusual pieces of jewellery (which I always am) then Etsy is your best friend (well, also worst enemy). I 've lost hours to this site, and my wish list is as long as my arm... 

How cute are these plump little bums? I absolutely adore them, and think they would look so adorable pinned to a cardigan and paired with my favorite pin up frock. I also love that they come in different shades. You can get a bum that looks like yours, like somebody else's or a whole range of little bums!

I love big earrings. The bigger and bolder the better. These really appeal to my love of all things gypsy. Plus they're like fancy hoops and I am all about the hoops at the moment. 

I adore anything with a heart on it. And I adore anything teal. So this necklace is my dream. Usually I go for pretty chunky jewellery, but it's lovely to have a few more delicate pieces too. 

Not technically jewellery, but also from Etsy. I already have a couple of yummy harnesses in my wardrobe and I want this to be the next addition. They're great for saucing up an outfit, or wearing with lingerie for that little bit of extra kink.

I am obsessed with Cluse watches. Despite my love for all things over the top and fancy, I have a real thing for simple watches. My housemate showed me these as few months ago, and they have pretty much become my porn. I look at them all the time. And now the cookies know, so Facebook keep advertising them to me. Damnit! I want one!! This is my favourite - rose gold with a white face, and petrol blue strap. Lush!


I also love Etsy for art. There are loads of illustrators and artists on there, and they produce all sorts of things. I love pop culture pieces, so can't resist this portrait of Tim Curry from Rocky Horror Picture Show (I am a massive, super fan) with 'Don't dream it. Be it' - a line from the movie. 

If you haven't realised already, I am a bit of a romantic. So this garland made of hearts cut from the pages of old books makes my sappy little heart sing. I actually used to have one of these but it got ruined in one of my million house moved - sad Hayley. I need some more literary hearts in my life!

I don't think I should really name favourites, but The Great Gatsby is easily in my top three. It is, in my estimation, the perfect novel. If you haven't read it please leave this post now and rectify that situation! This is my favourite Gatsby cover, and I'd love to have it hanging on my wall. 

So those are my current fave bits and pieces, and what I'm hoping to find all wrapped up in paper and bows on the 7th. What do you think? Anything you fancy? Let me know...


  1. Gorgeous picks! I love all the jewellery items and the iPhone case! Hope you have an amazing birthday

  2. So many pretty things on your list! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. You look so lovely! : ) I need posts like this as I will be going on work placement soon and am stuck for outfit ideas. xx
    popular trend // Look at me

  4. Love your excitement for your birthday. I'm really feeling the heart necklace, especially as green is my favourite colour and the harness too. Not long now till your officially the birthday girl, the weeks are going so fast it's unreal. Xx


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