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I Feel Pretty: Collectif Peony Dolores Doll Dress

I have been feeling so girly in the last few months. Which is good because a lot of SS trends are decidedly feminine - lots of pinks, lots of florals, lots of embroidery. All those girly trends have kinda combined in this vintage look from Collectif.

You all know I just can't resist a Dolores Doll dress (for a full review of fit etc and to see it on loads of different size and shape plus size bodies check out this post) and I just loved the combination of colours on this one. An unusual floral print that feels quite sixties to me. As always, I think the Dolores is a gorgeous style for plus size bodies. I popped a pink petticoat from Hell Bunny underneath my Dolores, to give it that gorgeously frothy pin up look. The little cropped cardigan with its floral embroidery (those are peonies right? I think so) is so pretty and girly. Perfect for my current feminine kick!

These pictures were taken in my mum's garden, over the Easter weekend. They remind me a bit of when I first started my blog, because all my pictures in the beginning were pretty much taken by my mum, and mainly in this very garden. As bloggers around the world have professionalised - more and more are utilising professional photographers and having super editorial shoots which look like something out of a magazine. Don't get me wrong - I think they look fabulous, and when I can convince someone with a decent camera and some time to take pics of me I am all for it. But I think sometimes this super slick content might make it look like hobby blogging has become a bit passe, and there is only space for a particular type of style blogger - like if you're not peddling the latest styles and trends then you don't deserve a place at the table. If you're blog isn't looking like a spread in Vogue you are somehow doing it wrong.

Personally, I don't think there is a right or wrong way to blog. My reading list contains a cross section of different sorts of bloggers. I don't think, as a reader, that the content of one blog is necessarily more valuable because the pictures are of a higher quality. I find value in the writing too - in knowing about things like fit and quality and just seeing how someone has put an outfit together. I want the blogs I read to be from a large cross section, and while I love a good aspirational blog, where I'm like "oh my god she has the best life!" I also love it when I feel someone is being real with me, is opening up. Is telling me something real an true. Letting me into their life, their reality. Let's not underestimate the importance of these voices - of their power as influencers, as trend setters, as opinion formers.

Who do you follow? What are your favourite types of blogs? Let me know...

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  1. Love the print on this dress Hayley but I always worry a Dolores won't fit me. I'm hoping to come across a preloved one to test this theory but as always you have it styled perfectly with the cardigan and the most amazing unicorn flats. Great job xoxo

  2. You look so delightfully happy in all of these pictures - the dress is flirty and fun as you and suits you to a tee!

    C x

  3. YES UNICORN SHOES! xo Chubby Mannequin

    1. oopsie forgot my link <3


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