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Just Jumpers with Joanie Clothing

If you've been following any of my social media channels of late, it will come as no surprise that I am totally and utterly besotted with Joanie Jumpers at the moment. So I thought I'd show you some of the total beauties I have been wearing at the moment (and guess what? They are 40% until the end of Black Friday, so if you want one - get on it NOW!) 

I never was much of a sweater person. I run a little hot generally so anything too chunky is no good for me as I just end up a sweaty mess. I also used to bemoan the fact that the only cute sweaters tended to be from somewhere like TopShop and stop at a size 14! And then I found Joanie Clothing... A couple of years ago I got the most adorable cat sweater from them (still a winter fave!) and since then I have been pretty much obsessed. I am starting to wonder how many is too many?! 

I've always loved the Stones, and my red headed heart chose Ruby Tuesday as one of my very first screen names, haha. 

Tiny Dancer is one of my very favourite songs, and I will always be ridiculously moved by the scene in Almost Famous. So when I saw this perfection I had to have it. 
Velvet Pleated Midi Skirt - Marks and Spencer (similar here)

I will forever adore Frenchie, and this jumper. 
Tiered Tulle Midi Skirt - ASOS Curve (similar here)

Joanie Jumpers are fine knit, so not too warm at all. In fact I can wear one all evening in a pub (a very important test in my book!) without melting. Most of the jumpers are kinda cropped (well they cover my belly button), so as you can see I prefer to wear these with flared midi skirts. They're not something I would wear with jeans - just a personal preference really.  The knit has a lot of stretch to it, as well as the designs being generously sized, which means I can quite comfortably fit into a size XL (a 20-22 according to their website), and I reckon it would fit up to a size 24/26. When Joanie originally started they did a wider range of sizes, and I really hope as more plus ladies discover them they consider opening up their size range again. 

But really what gets me is the array of designs - so many awesome references to old school tunes, pop culture, and cult films; many of them my absolute faves! So this post really is just an appreciation post of some of my faves! Have you tried any Joanie Jumpers? Got any on your lust list? Let me know...


  1. I was really sad when they narrowed their size range as i liked their stuff, might give something in a try in the black friday sales though

  2. Could you be any more of a cutie? x

  3. Hayley, this is going to seem a weird question but it is a genuine one. I'm quite large chested and I find that a lot of the time if I try to wear a slogan top or jumper or a top with a picture design on it, it doesn't sit right and it looks distorted on me 🙄 what am I doing wrong?! And what tips would you give us largish chested ladies when it comes to looking for a slogan or picture design top/jumper?

    1. Oooh sorry just seeing this now! SOrry! I would suggest something with an all over pattern, or with statement sleeves, because I know if you're very busty it can very easily become illegible! I am not that busty, so that helps. But still am aware that when it's stretched across my chest, can be hard to read!

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  5. Hi :) Apologies for commenting on an old post, but I'm considering buying the metallic pink skirt from Joanie and I wondered if yours has worn/washed well? I'm never sure with pleated skirts if the pleats will stay in if they're washed (or if a metallic skirt is actually washable). And is it sheer at all? Thank you so much! x

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