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My Month In Outfits: What I Wore In April

A quick run down of some of the outfits I wore in April... 

Midi Skirt in Spot Print - Asos Curve (review here)
Freddie Cardigan in Black - Collectif

 I love me a polka dot! I previously reviewed this skirt last year, here, but for some reason I haven't worn it much. But recently I am loving separates, so I think I am going to be getting a lot more use out of it in the coming months. I am wearing it here with a vest from Simply Be. I always struggle for tops for some reason, but the selection of camis on Simply Be (available in prints and brights) are fixing my top woes. This is one of four I now own!

Paint Splattered Midi Skirt - Missguided (review here)
Purple Wrap Top - Bought in the Plus Size Online Sale from Pretty Big Butterflies

Another example of a skirt I just haven't worn enough! I love this piece because it is just so bright and so fun! I am wearing it here with this gorgeous purple wrap top that I bought from another plus size blogger, the lovely Hollie of Pretty Big Butterflies.  Last month I decided to run a plus size sale on Facebook, which I have to say was rather successful! I was so busy selling myself that this is the only piece I managed to snap up, but it went really well so I will be organising one again soon. If you want to know when they're happening best to follow me on Facebook

Brown Leather Boots - Evans (previous season)
Long Green and Yellow Beads - Thrifted

I adore a batwing jumper with skinny jeans. I'm not very good at casual (as I have explained before) so this is about as close as I get to a weekend look. A thin knit bat wing jumper, with long, chunky beads and jeans makes me feel chilled out, but still stylish. I love this diaphanous Lovedrobe knit, which I'm wearing here with a black cami but would work as well with a white, yellow or green cami. It's so light that it can still be worn well into summer. 

Lana Dress in Green - Lindy Bop (review here)

April is my birthday month, and I love a pretty birthday outfit. This year I opted for my green Lana dress (my fave colour, and one of my fave styles) and this gorgeous mermaid cardigan that Collectif have this season. Like many girls from my generation, I have a bit of an obsession with The Little Mermaid. I've spent a lot of my life working towards Ariel hair, so when I saw this cropped cardi I just had to have it. Love Lucy the Mermaid with her gorgeous green scales and voluminous cloud of pink hair. 

Blue Winter Floral Phoebe Dress - Lady V London (review here)

The weekend after my birthday I went out for dinner and drinks with a group of my nearest and dearest. As it was early April there was definitely still a bit of a nip in the air, so I opted for my Winter Floral Phoebe. You can read the full review I did a couple of months ago for all the detail, but I still feel like this is the perfect party dress - beautiful colour and a stand out print, with a layer of tulle under the skirt to give Phoebe her perfect shape, I felt very much the birthday girl. (My little party hats which I wore as horns were hand made by my best friend, who has mad crafting skills!)

Oxblood Motorcycle Boots - Evans (last season)

I don't think a week goes by without me wearing one of my beloved Lyra dresses. In fact I adore them so much, that I recently posted an ode to them here on the blog. While April was still being uncharacteristically Wintery I paired my winter version of Lyra with my motorcycle boots (that are in a pleasingly similar shade) and a chunky silver necklace - I love the edginess this combo adds to the feminine Lyra. 

Dolores Doll Dress - Collectif (similar here)
Red Cardigan with Swallow Embroidery - Collectif (not currently available)
Turquoise Keds - Macy's (previous season)
Belt - Primark

Alas, there is not always someone willing and available to take my #ootd pics! So sometimes I have to rely on the old mirror selfie. I included this one because I love this outfit. Plus I think this might have been my first tights free day this year! I have written about my love for the Collectif Dolores Doll dress many times, and here I am pairing the White with Black Polka Dot version, with a swallow embroidered cardi (also from Collectif) and turquoise Keds (I love how the Keds and the swallows are pretty much the same colour!). 

Heart Print Prom Dress - Asos Curve (review here)
Freddie Cardigan in Red - Collectif
Brown Leather Boots - Evans

So it was so windy on Oxford Street the day that fellow blogger and babe Lottie Lamour took this picture that I do in fact have what may be a napkin or other unidentified piece of trash blown onto my foot - ick! However, I am wearing one of my very favourite dresses in this picture. This oldie but goodie is from Asos Curve, quite a few years ago, and was the first prom style dress I ever bought. Little did I know...

I reviewed this beautiful Jenson dress from Studio 8 earlier this month (read review here). It was perfect for a Sunday lunch and walk along the river, but I think it will work equally as well in the office - looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it this season! 

So that's what I wore in April... What have you been wearing? Which is your fave look? Let me know... 


  1. There are some amazing outfits here, I love the phoebe, a problematic shape on me but wonderful on you, the studio 8 dress is lovely and I am a huge fan of the missguided skirt x

  2. Stunning looks! Absolutely love the last look; I like the contrast between the stripes and the red. I've been wearing some of my favourite Hell Bunny dresses since the weather has been really nice x

    Liz ~ Dreaming of Diamonds

  3. I spy lots of lovely Collectif goodies! :) You look really lovely (I'm determined to get my hands on that mermaid cardi, but just ordered their daisy dress - opps!). The monchrome £5 dress also looks ace on you! :) x


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